splattered petals

I don’t know what kind of roses these are, but I do like the almost painterly effect of the petals. It’s as if someone’s splattered them with pink paint prior to selling. They’re doing a very good job of sprucing up my bedside table at the moment. I’ve got grand plans to press the petals later so that they can live on forever. I haven’t pressed flowers since I was about ten, and while I recall it not being very difficult, if you have any tips or tricks then do share!


  1. Rachel, Cold Knees May 9, 2012

    I've never seen roses like these either, they look gorgeous! Sadly I don't think I've ever pressed a flower in my life, clearly missing out x

  2. Jane May 9, 2012

    I've never seen roses like that before, they do look painted! I've never pressed flowers, ever, so I haven't got any tips to share unfortunately.

  3. Liset May 9, 2012

    Those are very nice indeed, never seen such a pattern before!

  4. Bang and Buck May 9, 2012

    gorgeous! i keep seeing those everywhere…need to buy! i love your blog, it has a nice homely feel 🙂

  5. They are so lovely, definitely worth pressing! x

  6. sweet harvest moon May 9, 2012

    wow, these are amazing!

  7. Justalazymorning May 9, 2012

    love this.

  8. Wow, such pretty flowers, I thought you have dyed them when I first saw them.

  9. stitchandkitchen May 10, 2012

    just recently discovered your blog and i dig! one of my friends uses pressed flowers to make beautiful faerie/nymph artwork and it looks amazing so definitely give it a go x

  10. jennie May 10, 2012

    Beautiful <3 xoxo

  11. Emma May 11, 2012

    Wow, they are gorgeous. I've never pressed flowers before in my life so do share whatever tips you get! x

  12. Raez May 14, 2012

    My my, what pretty roses! They look almost marbled, so cool!

    xx Raez

  13. theM.A.D.creationist May 16, 2012





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