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It’s all about bold prints these days, isn’t it? These are two floral (ish) prints that I can’t stop thinking about at the moment. The first is a blush floral and bird print by Hermione de Paula and the second is the ‘day garden’ print by Stolen Girlfriend’s Club.

1. Hermione de Paula printed luxe tee
2. Stolen Girlfriend’s Club shirt dress


  1. Georgia Rose February 23, 2012

    Haha, I went to a music festival in Auckland earlier this month and counted 8 people there wearing variants of the second dress. It's insanely pretty though, so I can't blame them!

    • soph (owl vs. dove) February 23, 2012

      haha why don't I seem surprised? I really like the plain t-shirt version of it.

  2. mygirldaphne February 23, 2012

    i'm not to sure about the top one, but i love the second.

  3. c. February 23, 2012

    I like the stolen girlfriends club shirt dress.

  4. Carolyn February 23, 2012

    gorgeous prints! so bold

  5. Flapjack Melody February 23, 2012

    Ohhh these are amazing. I'm all for bold, colourful prints, so I want that tee BAD..!


  6. a. February 24, 2012

    These are just so incredibly lovely! '
    They'd look even better in my wardrobe 😉

  7. maslinda February 24, 2012

    l love both items, prints are so interesting, l can browse though anything printed (fabrics,paper goods you name it)for hours

  8. Mary February 26, 2012

    They are both stunning! I don't think that I'll ever stop loving prints, particularly floral ones x

  9. Katie February 26, 2012

    gorgeous prints
    Now following you!
    Katie xx

    Dreaming of forever

  10. Sharon February 27, 2012

    Dang it, sometimes the internet knows what I want, before I know what I want. Thank you for sharing, now I can't get my mind off these shirts and amazing prints!

  11. Yeliz February 28, 2012

    the second shirt is actually PHENOMENAL!!!!!love love great post hon x

  12. nileta March 1, 2012


  13. Blackswan March 11, 2012

    ahhh LOVE THEM BOTH!! I'm such a sucker for prints

    x Lauren


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