st jerome’s laneway festival 2012

Moves like Jonny
The Drums
Toro Y Moi

These are a few shots from Laneway Festival on Saturday. Because of the rain, all the stages were moved undercover. This was a blessing (we didn’t get wet) and a curse (harder to get good photos). Due to it being such a good lineup, there were bound to be more than a few timetable clashes. I ended up seeing Yuck, Austra, Active Child, Cults, Feist, the end of Toro Y Moi, The Drums, and M83. Unfortunately I missed out on Girls, The Horrors, Washed Out, and SBTRKT. However, it turned out that I could have seen Washed Out since M83 started their set 45 minutes late due to ‘technical difficulties‘. They then had to finish their set early to appease council noise restrictions. Despite the less than ideal circumstances, M83 still managed to put on a solid performance. It was, however, such a disappointing end to what would have otherwise been a pretty epic day.
1 & 2: The Drums. My highlight, always a good show, still waiting to hear ‘Saddest Summer‘ live.
3: M83. The bassist is my new hero, that kid has moves!
4: Cults
5: Toro Y Moi
P.S. You can see a few more photos from the day over on my Flickr.
P.P.S. Big ups to blog reader Eva (I think that was your name, sorry if it’s not!) for saying hi.


  1. nicole January 31, 2012

    THE DRUMS! Hands down the best live show I've ever been to. And I've been to a lot.


    • soph (owl vs. dove) January 31, 2012

      As much as I wanted to see The Horrors I knew The Drums would bring it. AND THEY DID AND MY LIFE IS ALL THE MORE BETTER FOR IT.

      So much love for The Drums, haha.

  2. Toni January 31, 2012

    snap! haha. love your shots, I still haven't got a film camera yet so I had to use my phone for photos. gutted we didn't get the drums here. also gutted I missed EMA. but I loved, loved, loved cults!

    • soph (owl vs. dove) January 31, 2012

      Ahhh my friends and I missed Girls (or Laura Marling) simply because we were sitting and drinking hahaha. Festival fail. Some of my favourite shots from the day were taken on my phone (mainly The Drums – I took so many photos at The Drums, probably because I was so close). So weird you didn't get them in Auckland!

  3. Tara January 31, 2012

    Looks great! I still like the photos though 🙂

  4. Lidiya February 1, 2012

    The festival looks amazing, I adore the photos <3

  5. j. February 3, 2012

    I'm going to Laneway tomorrow! So excited to see M83 and Drums. I heard about the timing and rain fiasco, I'm glad that things managed to work out in your favour though.


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