diy: charles anastase inspired dress

DIY Charles Anastase inspired ‘Amelie’ Dress
Inspired by Anna from Much Love‘s Frocktober effort, I decided I’d dedicate this post to one of my new favourite frocks. She invited me to take part in her ‘Friends For Frocktober‘ post, but because I hadn’t checked my emails in a few days I was a bit late on the boat. Anyway, I started making this dress a few months ago using a pattern I found in my mum’s stash of sewing supplies. Despite following the instructions, the end result was not as anticipated and I’ve only just finished tweaking the design, with the help of my mum who has all the super-duper dress fixing skills. I would now happily wear this dress every day for a whole month (laundry issues aside). Be sure to check out Anna’s efforts as she frocks up every day this October to help raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Research.

ETA: The pattern I used was Simplicity Pattern 7199 Misses’ Dress (circa 1990s).


  1. muchlove October 12, 2011

    that is one gorgeous frock!

    thanks for spreading the word. xo

  2. fashion suicides October 12, 2011

    Can't belive you made the dress I've been cravinf for for months! 1 500 euro wasn't it ? Can you show us wich pattern you used? I'm litteraly dying here! Waw, love it!


  3. soph (owl vs. dove) October 12, 2011

    @muchlove: no worries, happy to help out!

    @fashion suicides: The pattern is Simplicity 7199. It's fairly old (circa 1990s) so I'm not sure how readily available it is. Hope that helps though!

  4. kit and nancy. October 12, 2011

    colour is perfect and gee, you're oh so clever!

  5. Vicky October 12, 2011

    You made this? Wow. When I first saw it I thought you'd gone ahead and bought it x

  6. LUU H. October 12, 2011

    i seriously wish i had the same sewing skills like you!

  7. Kc October 12, 2011

    I lOve this!! I just bough a vintage pattern the other day which looks very similar 🙂 the colour is so perfect! Great job 🙂


  8. *paper* bouquets October 12, 2011

    i love it.

  9. Angela October 12, 2011

    Such a pretty colour and so simple. Love.

  10. alexis [amgoorie] October 13, 2011

    Hun this is fantastic!!!
    I would wear it all the time too! xo

  11. Catherine October 13, 2011

    Really, this is super impressive! Beautiful seamstressing!

    – Catherine @ The Spring

  12. summertoast October 13, 2011

    This so sweet and cute! I won't mind wearing it all the time <3

  13. Mat October 13, 2011

    how ace, skills. well done.

  14. Geneva (apairandaspare) October 14, 2011

    Great work soph! I love it. xxx

  15. Hannah Percyowl October 15, 2011

    Great job! I'm itching to use my new sewing machine now!!
    It looks exactly like that dress.

  16. Lenne October 16, 2011

    THAT IS GORGEOUS! I never would've guessed it was homemade, so good job!!

  17. Francesca October 16, 2011

    This is the cutest dress in such a gorgeous colour! This is my fav shade of purple.
    / twitter: @opinionslave

  18. Becky October 16, 2011

    this is absolutely beautiful!

  19. shefoundstyle October 18, 2011

    Would love to see it on and styled! Lovely color.

  20. Red Mera Vintage October 21, 2011

    Wow, what a lovely colour! Beautifully done.

    Red Mera Vintage


  21. Mirthe October 22, 2011

    noooooo is that a DIY?!?! omg. could you make one for me pleaaaase.

  22. The Velvet Bow October 23, 2011

    This is so, so good. I really want to try my hand at making a similar one now, maybe in a nice burnt orange. Can't wait to see how you style this one up.



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