travel photos: disneyland paris

Our first order of business in Paris – Disneyland! I never got to go to Disneyland as a child so as a twentysomething adult I decided it was high time I experience a slice of that Disney magic, Euro-style! I’m not going to lie, it was possibly the happiest day of my life. I even conquered my fear of rollercoasters thanks to a certain Space Mountain (note: a 360 degree inversion is as crazy as it sounds). I took 175 photos that day. In the interest of not clogging up your bandwidth, I’ve only included a fraction of that amount here. Anyway, I’ll let the photos do the talking (there are more photos after the cut!)


  1. Rhianne August 16, 2011

    so cool, i love your photos!! We're going to Paris in two weeks and we thought about a day there but we have so many other plans it kind of fell through, I'm determined to go one day though!!

  2. oh this is my favourite post so far of your travels! I don't you can ever be too old for disneyland πŸ™‚ xx

  3. hollypop August 16, 2011

    oh beautiful!
    i loooove disneyland.
    i can't wait to go again.

  4. Abbie August 16, 2011

    Love Disneyland! I've been several times (all as an adult!) and it's great. Love your photos xx

  5. phantom; August 16, 2011

    Haha I literally recently went to Disneyland Paris too! I went as a child and I swear the experience gets more magical everytime!
    But wait a moment, I DID NOT SEE THESE LANTERNS?! Where were they?

  6. Hannah Percyowl August 16, 2011

    Soooooo jealous! I like the bean stalk in the house. Everything looks so disney-in-real-life. It's cool.
    Your colour combo looks super cute btw.
    I was gonna go to America (including Disneyland) this year but with the job market atm it's looking unlikely πŸ™

  7. muchlove August 16, 2011

    Ooooh, looks like so much fun!! πŸ˜€

  8. Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris is where my love for roller coasters was born! I LOVE Disneyland Paris. its so cute and charming and everything happy. LOVE the pic of you pulling the sword from the stone πŸ˜‰

  9. Rocket Fashionista August 16, 2011

    Love the photos, I wish I can go! Your blog makes me happy, followed! πŸ™‚


  10. Just a lazy morning August 16, 2011

    loves these pretty pics!

  11. Rachel August 16, 2011

    Oh, I have not been for ages – it looks like your had a lovely time!

  12. Rose Petals in the Rain August 16, 2011

    Euro Disneyland looks like so much fun. I would love to go there one day. I went to Tokyo Disneyland when I was a teenager.

  13. aelie August 16, 2011

    Gorgeous photos! I love Disneyland, it's soooo much fun! Congrats for going on Space Mountain, I was too chicken…x

  14. B August 17, 2011

    Love the photos! I also haven't been to disneyland but I'm sure it's not too late to go! It just may be cure my fear of rollercoasters too..haha. Love the first picture of cinderella's carriage and the balloons.

  15. soph (owl vs. dove) August 17, 2011

    @Rhianne: one day for sure. There's so much to do in Paris so I know where you're coming from.

    @alexis: mine too! haha

    @phantom: the lanterns were above the tea cups!

    @hannah: thanks for noticing! I though the colour combo was Disney appropriate haha

    @Kallie: how CRAZY is it. I was so giddy afterwards.

    @RocketFashionista: thanks for following

    @RosePetals: Ahh I just want to go to Tokyo full stop

    @Aelie: I was kind of oblivious to what it actually was until it was too late haha

    @B: it's never too late!

  16. The Velvet Bow August 17, 2011

    I loved it when I went, but it looks like even more fun when everything isn't covered in snow!

  17. Danyell Peterson August 17, 2011

    I haven't been to Disney World in Florida for a long time, but Disneyland in Paris looks so much prettier!!

  18. julianne. August 18, 2011

    that's so exciting.
    adorable pics.<3

  19. playwithfashion August 19, 2011

    Such a lovely blog! like the way you show clothers and inspirations:)

  20. Blackswan August 21, 2011

    i have heard from many people, that visiting Disneyland whether it is Paris or the United States – it is truly "the happiest day of your life" !!! i would be over the moon, I think I would all over the place going crazyy!! love your photos – one day I hope I get to experience the wonder in which Disneyland has to offer.

    fun fun fun!!

    x Lauren

  21. Original Sophie August 21, 2011

    Ohhhh I want to go! It looks like so much fun!

  22. keekee September 9, 2011

    i dream of disney paris… amaze


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