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Hopefully in two months time this little book will be jam packed with hundreds of tales about my travels. If you’ve been following me on twitter, you may be aware that I’ve been in a travelling frame of mind lately. Because this time next week I will be in London! And the week after that I’ll be having a grand old time at Glastonbury. To help me get organised I’m going to ask all you lovely readers (because I know there are a fair few of you in the UK and Europe in general) to give me your best London/Glastonbury/travel tips. I’ll also be spending a week in Paris and an extra week or two gallivanting (read: no set plans yet) in Europe. So the more advice, the better! Tell me your favourite things to do, places to visit, and where to eat/drink/shop/people watch. Recommendations on where I can get a decent cup of coffee won’t go astray either. I’ll be travelling sans laptop so posting might be a bit erratic over the next six weeks. I’ll look into setting up some scheduled posts, and will try and do a quick post every now and then while I’m over there. Rest assured I’ll have plenty to blog about when I get back. In the meantime, you can look forward to my packing* posts!
*Not that I’m particularly looking forward to packing…


  1. Rachel June 10, 2011


    Use the Tube, its cheap and easy to work out and a day ticket can get you everywhere.

    Visit Brick Lane & Camden Locks. Both have amazing street food, but you want to eat Chinese at Camden and anything else at Brick Lane.

    Go to Carneby Street, easiest way to find it is to go to Libertys department store.

    Harrods may be the famous department store but Selfridges on Oxford Street has the best shopping.

  2. Jasmin June 10, 2011

    This is such a lovely idea; I'm going to Glastonbury and Paris too! They've both rolled around so soon it's unbelievably exciting. As long as you have wellies for Glastonbury and comfy walking shoes for Paris you'll be fine! x

  3. Rachelous June 10, 2011

    I love stationery like that! I always love hanging around the healing fields at Glastonbury, a bit of calm away from the manic-ness! In the mornings you can do tai chi and yoga =) Other than that, just walk around and see as much as you can (don't forget to visit the cider bus). xx

  4. Joy June 10, 2011

    Oh my gosh I'm so envious that you can travel so much. Ahh I wish I was you. πŸ˜›

  5. Lex June 10, 2011

    Take a guidebook! The restaurants in London are really inconsistent and it's best to know where you're going so you know you'll get good food. Crazy Homies at Notting Hill Gate is a funky mexican restaurant.
    Portobello Rd market on Saturdays is great for vintage clothing/bags etc. Also it's worth visiting op shops in wealthier areas such as Chiswick or Notting Hill. Actually it's worth just googling op shops in London, there are heaps that are good.
    Have a great trip!
    – Lex

  6. Lex June 10, 2011

    Oops, Crazy Homies at Westbourne Park is what I mean.

    – Lex

  7. Janelle June 10, 2011

    39 Rue Sainte-Anne
    = great udon!

  8. KOKON June 10, 2011

    Oh I'm so jealous! You will have the most amazing time.

  9. fizzleout June 10, 2011

    Oh I am very envious of you and excited for you! This time next week I will be sitting exams – I wonder if you have extra space in your suitcase? hehe.

    I second brick lane and you should def go on a day when the Spitalfield and Petticoat lane markets are on. Fabulous vintage stores around that area too!

    Glasto- I would recommend taking minimal luggage as you will have to walk ages carrying all your stuff. Def gumboots and some warm clothes even though it is summer!

    In Europe, I would recommend Berlin and Amsterdam, both interesting, vibrant and beautiful cities – so much fun and so much to do, so much history! And if you get a chance you must get to Italy as well! Ahh so much to do so little time!

    In London it was pretty easy to get a good coffee, but unfortunately the rest of Europe wasn't as easy. Italy of course had great coffee though!

    Have the best time!!!

  10. curious constellation June 10, 2011

    So jealous, oh wow! One day I'll be jetting off like you to do all this! One place that's definitely on my list (although I've never been there) is Barcelona and also Amsterdam.

  11. Megan June 10, 2011

    Oh I am sooo jealous!! It sounds like you have an amazing adventure ahead of you.

  12. Emma June 10, 2011

    When going to London and want to eat some fab English cheese you should visit Neals Yard in Covent Garden….when going out for lunch or dinner try Leon, Jamie's Itallian and Carluccio's…they have multiple restaurants in London and good food…
    Notting Hill, Spittalfields market and Covent Garden are some nice places to shop…
    When you are in Paris Rose bakery is worth a visit…Have fun!

  13. Sandy Joe June 10, 2011

    East London. Seriously. Nude Espresso, Bricklane, The Owl and The Pussycat, The Albion, St Johns. I realise all these suggestions are food related!

    Hope you have the best time and fill that book completely!

    x The Pretty Secrets

  14. Two Happy Hearts June 10, 2011

    you're so lucky you get to travel like that! i've been needing some serious travel in my life lately.

    can't wait to see all you adventures!

  15. alannah. June 10, 2011

    naw youre off on like the trip of a lifetime! id love to be able to give you suggestions but sadly ive never been to that part of the world. who are you keen on seeing at glastonbury? & that notebook is beuatiful too btw.x

  16. RDYN! June 11, 2011

    I recently got my hands on a moleskine a day a page diary. Which is pretty useless since half the year has past, but I'm ambitious to fill in every page from now on, to stay organised and on schedule.

    I can see your little "black" book will truly be filled with adventures!

  17. soph (owl vs. dove) June 11, 2011

    @Rachel: Pretty sure an Oyster/Travel card will be one of the first things I buy! Thanks for the tips!

    @Jasmin: yay! Maybe I'll bump into you in the crowd of hundreds of thousands of people haha.

    @Rachelous: the healing fields sound so chill. Might try and get my yoga fix there as I won't be likely to get it anywhere else!

    @Lex: thanks for the tip. I'm staying with my friend who lives in London so she'll be my guidebook haha. Will definitely look into Crazy Homies. Love me some Mexican food!

    @Janelle: will do!

    @fizzleout: my backpack is expandable… haha. I wish I was going for 6 months. Then I could see EVERYTHING. Good luck with your exams!

    @curiousconstellation: all in good time πŸ™‚

    @Megan: fingers crossed!

    @Emma: thank you! will look into them all.

    @SandyJoe: well, a girl's gotta eat, right?

    @TwoHappyHearts: oh this is some long awaited travel. I'll take pleeenty of happy snaps along the way!

    @alannah: I'm keen on Seeing Morrissey, White Lies, The Vaccines, The Streets, Foster the People, BEYONCE… ahh so many!

    @RDYN: the fact that it's green and says its black annoys me ever so slightly. WHY DO YOU SAY YOU'RE BLACK WHEN YOU'RE REALLY GREEN. But maybe that's just me being pedantic. Anyway, I was the one who bought it so it's all my own doing haha.

  18. herecomesthesun June 11, 2011

    I am so incredibly happy for you. Can't wait to see your posts full of travel pictures!! Ah I hope you have the most wonderful time ever πŸ™‚ And good luck for all the final preparation to go.

  19. liza June 11, 2011

    Oh my god, I'm so jealous! Have a superb time, and I can't wait to hear about it!


  20. Kasia. June 11, 2011

    You must take a lot of great pictures ! I will waiting for post wiht pictures from your travell πŸ˜‰

  21. Jazzy E (hivenn) June 11, 2011

    These all sound amazing.
    London- brick lane brick lane brick lane. The longer you spend there, the better places you'll find. x hivenn

  22. Ella June 12, 2011

    i haven't visited your blog in what feels like ages! i forgot how wonderful it is πŸ™‚

  23. Magali June 12, 2011

    omg, awesome!! The only time I've been in London is for a few hours at their airport on transit to USA. Best of luck, & have tons of fun!! <3

  24. Phuong June 12, 2011

    enjoy the amazing time in London!! Its an amazing city
    Travel In Style

  25. danica June 13, 2011

    it's been ages since i visited london, but here are a few paris tips:

    merci in the 3rd
    rose bakery in the 9th
    l'as du falafel in the 4th
    laduree in the 6th

    there are a few more on my blog πŸ™‚

    i hope you have a wonderful time, soph! did i mention that i am terribly envious?

  26. lavelle June 15, 2011

    I haven't really spent enough time in London to give out tips, but if you get the chance whilst in Europe, visit Berlin. I recently spent a week there and am already planning my next visit! There's a recent post on my blog with tips of places to see/eat/drink etc if you do go xx


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