tess of the d’urbervilles

I bought this book for $1 during the post-Christmas sales. It’s taken me this long to get around to reading it. Even then I had to procrastinate and take photos of it instead. I think I’m going to have to collect the rest of the set now too. A whole row of fabric hardcover books – just imagine! Hopefully my luck will repeat itself and I’ll find them all for $1. I don’t like my chances.


  1. liza April 13, 2011

    I love reading books so much more when they have pretty covers. I actually really want to read Tess of the D'Urbervilles. This edition is so lovely.


  2. Christina April 13, 2011

    This feels like my extension english class all over again! Except the covers are very pretty and I don't blame you wanting to take photos of it either!

  3. Rose Petals in the Rain April 13, 2011

    The book looks like it's in such pristine condition.

  4. soph (owl vs. dove) April 13, 2011

    @liza: I know right! These penguins are much more appealing than the orange paperbacks. Have you seen the metallic F. Scott Fitzgerald series? So pretty.

    @Christina: haha, oops.

    @RosePetals: possibly because it's hardly been handled until this day… eek!

  5. Bec April 13, 2011

    Wow $1! I have the Picture of Dorian Gray and Madame Bovary from this collection – I love the covers! Still trying to get through Madame Bovary though, it's a bit slow. There's some really cute embroidered covers being released by penguin too

  6. Jo April 13, 2011

    Goodness, it looks like a beautiful copy! What a bargin!


  7. Rachel April 13, 2011

    Wow – that is impressive! What a good buy!

  8. Emma April 13, 2011

    That is a pretty sweet deal, not gonna lie. I saw Emma by Jane Austen with a very similar cover in a local charity shop for 75p yesterday… for some reason I decided against buying it, but I may have to go back! x

  9. Some Style... April 13, 2011

    it looks wonderful..dreamy!

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  10. Abby April 13, 2011

    naw, these books are so pretty. You should definitely invest in a whole set.

    I've never read this one, tell me if its worth reading!


  11. m i s s . t e a April 13, 2011

    i remember reading this book!! somehow the character of tess annoyed me so much, but the fabric cover definitely justifies buying it- not to mention it was only $1!!!

    misstea & co.

  12. Kaisha April 13, 2011

    I like to stay true to the famous aphorism "never judge a book by its cover", but in the case of fabric covered beauties I can relate to you. I have seen the metallic F. Scott Fitzgerald set at Borders… They actually have a lot of lovely fabric editions of classics. All would look so amazing on any bookshelf! Maybe with their recent voluntary liquidation your chances of purchasing them on sale will increase? xx

  13. sara April 13, 2011

    what a gorgeous copy!

  14. Jasmin April 13, 2011

    tess of the d'urbervilles is one of my favourite books, i love all the nature references. the cover's so perfect for the book and such a bargain! x

  15. Denissa Hady April 13, 2011

    only $1? woww!

  16. SAMANTHA April 13, 2011

    i am so jealous you found that clothbound gorgeous book for $1! now you have to read it just so you can be seen toting it around!

    ps. check out my awesome print give away!

  17. curious constellation April 13, 2011

    I'm reading Tess of the D'Urbevilles at the moment and I'm loving it!

  18. Toni April 13, 2011

    zomg. so, so pretty. love hardcover. love tess of the d'urbervilles! awesome score 🙂

  19. AK Photography April 13, 2011

    oh gosh, I'm the same way! I have so many old books that I want to read and I always end up procrastinating about doing so! And then I eventually read them and I go "why didn't I read that sooner, it was fabulous!"

    I've actually been doing that with this same book (different edition, loving the cover btw) for almost two years! 🙁 Project for the summer I think.

  20. Hannah April 13, 2011

    I adored the BBC version of this book! I actually have this book too, but I've never got around to reading it! This edition looks lovely 🙂
    Hannah x

  21. soph (owl vs. dove) April 14, 2011

    @Bec: The Dorian Gray one is pretty spiffy, although I already have it in a paperback version… hmmm

    @Emma: do it! do it! You can never have too many pretty books… for the most part anyway.

    @Abby: will do!

    @misstea: oh really? I have to admit I'm only a few pages in so far. Not much character development yet!

    @Kaisha: I hope so. Last time I went into Borders there were crazy sales left right and centre. And the metallic F. Scott Fitzgeralds for only $7.50!

    @Samantha: true!

    @curiousconstellation: book club! haha

    @AKPhotography: definitely. I think it's going to be a slow one for me too :S

    @Hannah: I think I've seen the tail end of the BBC series. So I'm vaguely aware of the plot but at the same time, my memory is patchy. Lucky I get to read all about it now!

  22. Leather & Lace April 14, 2011

    beautiful images.


  23. patricia April 14, 2011

    I never could finish that book.

    Oh Soph, your pictures are always so dreamy…. I wish I had your photography skills!

  24. sojourned in style April 14, 2011

    a whole row of hard cover books would be amazing.

  25. Lyndall April 15, 2011

    I love all of the covers in this series. I started collecting the orange covered vintage Penguin books after I inherited a whole lot from a retiring professor at my old job. I love books! My latest aquistion is a set of Anais Nin's short novels that I rescued from the bin at work~

  26. Bibi April 26, 2011

    this book looks lovely! i've been meaning to read Tess of the D'Urbvilles after seeing parts of an adaptation


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