so yellow

American Apparel tee; Vintage skirt and bag; Sportsgirl belt; Cream flats (not shown)

If you want a break from the creams and pastels dominating summer fashion, try working some citrus brights into your outfit. A dash of yellow here, a pop of orange over there, maybe even some lime green, and you’re on your way an eye-catching summer look. If you’re feeling brave, why not try your hand at colour blocking? If you’re after a more subtle look, pair your brights with a neutral colour and you’re good to go. Then head to your local greengrocer/supermarket/whatever, hang around the citrus stands and pretend that you’re part of the display (joking, however if you do take that literally – please take photos and publish them on the internet because that would be ridiculously awesome).


  1. Erica December 17, 2010

    your skirt has me smitten! What a great find!

  2. The Owl Diary December 17, 2010

    i'm in love with the color of your skirt. so pretty. ♥

  3. Uhlala December 17, 2010

    wow! *-* wonderful skirt! 😀

  4. Vicky December 17, 2010

    That skirt is gorgeous. I've never seen a edge like it x

  5. curious constellation December 17, 2010

    I think I'll try go join in with the oranges (:

    I love the cutout detail at the bottom of the skirt, it's beautiful!

  6. THESTREETFASHION5XPRO December 17, 2010

    Gorgeous skirt! Lovely post…

  7. chantelle December 17, 2010

    wow, sophie! that is one gorgeous skirt 🙂 the perfect length & such a lovely, lovely colour! the detailing at the bottom is wonderful ♥

  8. rosanguyen December 17, 2010

    I love how its trimmed at the edges of your skirt. It makes you look quite flattering as a fairy.

  9. VIVIENNE KONGVONGSA December 17, 2010

    Now that is a gorgeous yellow!
    The shade looks great on you!


  10. Miranda December 17, 2010

    The edge of the skirt is AMZAZING!

  11. ching December 17, 2010

    the gray and yellow makes a nice combo. 😀

  12. Jessica December 17, 2010

    yep. yellow bright can actually change pastels.
    it looks good for summer.
    love your skirt tho. cute!

  13. Dylana Suarez December 17, 2010

    Your skirt is gorgeous!


  14. rebecca December 17, 2010

    haha, i'm so tempted to wear bright colours and stand next to lemons in my local supermarket now!! i shall let you know if i ever actually accept this challenge (: xo

  15. Blackswan December 17, 2010

    beautiful skirt, it's the perfect shade of yellow! LOVE!

    what a find! 🙂

    x Your Only Blackswan

  16. Raez December 17, 2010

    love the pop of yellow! perfect.

    xx raez

  17. sojourned in style December 18, 2010

    how lovely. the skirt is so charming and the shirt adn belt only add more charm. wonderful.

  18. nicole ...given December 18, 2010

    love love love this outfit!

  19. raven December 18, 2010

    That beautiful dash of yellow is totally making me miss long summer days 🙁



  20. kelly ann December 18, 2010

    that skirt is just GORGEOUS! yellow is one of my favourite colours. 🙂

  21. Jenny Morris December 18, 2010

    i love the style of that skirt! and your new bangs are lovely 🙂


  22. Danyell Peterson December 18, 2010

    love your yellow skirt, it's so pretty!

  23. Allure de Croisière December 18, 2010


  24. M. and O. December 18, 2010


    KIsses from France.

    Olivia & Mariam

  25. Spence. December 18, 2010

    tehehe, awesome post! I really like this outfit of yours, especially your cute vintage bag

  26. lil_budoy December 18, 2010

    i like the bold color of the skirt…it looks really lovely on u

  27. Hiroko December 19, 2010

    Ahh I love how you mix colours in your outfits, the skirt is too awesome for words.

    & If you like the pom pom dress, I believe I saw it at half price on the UO site, if you can order from the Europe section.

  28. ana b. December 19, 2010

    This outfit is wonderful. I love how you paired it with a simple gray tee. FTW!

  29. Hannah December 19, 2010

    I really just adore the stylish simplicity to your outfits! The yellow of the skirt is just gorgeous aswell and it goes so nicely with your skin and hair colour; you look like a sunflower!

    This also makes me feel really silly for overlooking the versatility of a simple tshirt. I just started a new job in a cafe and Im sure it would shock most people to know that I actually had to buy some black tshirts because I didnt own a single one!!

    Merry Christmas! xx

  30. Hannah December 19, 2010

    So summer-y and fun! I've been wearing a lot of longer skirts of late. Easy, breezy, flowy…what's not to love?! And your fringe looks really nice! I think I'll have to get mine cut again…maybe in winter 😉
    Hannah x

  31. liana December 19, 2010

    wow, serious skirt envy girl.

  32. Ivania December 19, 2010

    soo hard to find a good yellow color that isn't too hysterical. This is sooo nice it has like a hint of mustard in it.. looks amazing! 🙂

  33. Mamushka Marie December 19, 2010

    your skirt is awesome, and i feel so much warmer now having read this post! <3<3<3

  34. lavelle December 20, 2010

    Ahh you look like you stepped off the catwalk at karen walker ss11 xx

  35. Georgia Rose December 20, 2010

    I love that skirt! Great find.

  36. soph (owl vs. dove) December 21, 2010

    @Vicky: the edging does add that extra something, doesn't it?

    @curiousconstellation: haha, do take photos!

    @rosanguyen: why thank you! Maybe next time I'll try wearing a crown of flowers in my hair to channel that extra fairy-ness.

    @rebecca: do it! do it!

    @Hiroko: thanks for the tip! I'll see if it's the same from the Australian section. Here's hoping!

    @Hannah: be warned – once you start buying basics you can't stop. Well in my case anyway haha

    @Ivania: hysterical is the perfect way to describe some of the brighter colours out there!

    @lavelle: I did have that collection in mind when I chose the grey tee. Good spotting!

  37. sara December 21, 2010

    you have such beautiful clothes!

  38. Our Youth December 23, 2010

    what a lovely outfit.

  39. Cliff December 24, 2010

    that vintage bag catches my eyes!

  40. See Me Everywhere January 4, 2011

    I want want want that skirt! It's absolutely darling!



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