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Some recently acquired pretty things. Some are Christmas gifts, some are not. Mostly not. The clothes (frilly shift dress, polka dot shirt, white full maxi skirt) and belt are recent op-shop finds. The Sportsgirl clogs were a gift from mum, and the suitcase was a gift from my aunty which I just happened to receive on Christmas Eve (but not necessarily a Christmas present). Anyway, I hope you all had lovely Christmases. I spent the majority of mine in a food coma. Which is why I’ll be hitting the gym shortly, trying to work off that Christmas belly. Even though all I want to do in this rainy weather is eat Christmas leftovers, watch Twin Peaks (I just started on season one), and scribble in my new Pac-Man Moleskine. What a way to be spending the silly season! haha.


  1. size too small December 29, 2010

    i'm in love with your clogs!

  2. VIVIENNE KONGVONGSA December 29, 2010

    Now those shoes are incredible! I wanted a pair but never got a around to buying! Your thrift finds are always so out of this world – I'm jealous!

    Hope you had a lovely christmas!


  3. ching December 29, 2010

    wow nice gifts you got.
    ps. did you change your layout? 😀

  4. Mia's Little Corner December 29, 2010

    Oh I love the shoes:D They look so pretty:D


  5. Thu December 29, 2010

    These are lovely presents!

  6. Mez December 29, 2010

    Lovely prezzys!!! How I adore my Moleskin, they are seriously the BEST!

  7. Hillary December 29, 2010

    Your suitcase is lovely, what a great color! I recently started watching Twin Peaks too, its awesomely cheesy but also has a lot of great style inspiration.

  8. Larissa December 29, 2010

    the clogs are perfect! loving the ruffles and polkadoted tops too!

  9. Vicky December 29, 2010

    Clogs, frills and polka dots! What more could you want? Love the suitcase as well x

  10. Becky December 29, 2010

    Love this post the clogs are adorable, as is the suitcase. Sounds like a good Christmas period for you!

    B x

  11. Rachel December 29, 2010

    That suitcase is absolutely incredible… I want one! x

  12. Megan December 29, 2010

    Oh I have those clogs and they are the most wonderful shoes I have ever owned, enjoy!

  13. Amie December 29, 2010

    i love old suitcases, i used to collect them but then my mum was like 'you have more suitcases than stuff to put in them!' haha 😛 yours is a lovely blue!

    x amie

  14. I am Vintage Lover December 29, 2010

    Brilliant lady, just brilliant. Good news!! I found something stipey for you yay! I am going to post it today. I will email you photos too of me drawing out our next theme xo

  15. Jes December 29, 2010

    Ohh flashback! I remember being terrified of my older next door neighbour, she would chase me around saying you killed laura palmer in the scariest voice. eep

    love that suitcase xx

    Hope you have a fab nye x

  16. Rachelous December 29, 2010

    That suitcase is amazing! I've lusted after a vintage one for ever… and those shoes are sweet too 🙂 xx

  17. rebecca December 29, 2010

    okay, i like moleskines, but a pacman one?! i'm definitely going to try and find one now (: xo

  18. Jesse’s Kids December 29, 2010

    Hey you are so cool! My friends and I love reading your blog, and we'd be honored if you's look at our blog and maybe comment?

  19. julianne. December 29, 2010

    those shoes are darrrrlinggg.<333

  20. Henar December 29, 2010

    Pretty pics, the shoes are so cool!!

  21. Abby December 29, 2010

    Yayy great presents!
    Christmas sounds wonderful, I have been in a constant food coma, and have also drank alcohol like 5 days straight, not good!!

    Pacman moleskine is rad!!


  22. soph (owl vs. dove) December 29, 2010

    @Vivienne: I don't think I would have bought them either if I didn't tell mum that's what I wanted for xmas! haha. Glad they're in my possession now though.

    @ching: Yep, I changed it – just flipped things around a bit though, nothing too drastic.

    @Hillary: there's some great style inspiration, but there's also some mighty bad haircuts! haha

    @Megan: I've only worn them around the house so far, can't wait to wear them out!

    @Amie: haha, I think I'll stop at two or three suitcases. Any more and I'll look like a hoarder.

    @VintageLover: yayayay I found something for you too (eventually – trust that when I'm looking for stripes all I'll come across is polka dots!).

    @Jes: ahhh that would be creepy!

    @rebecca: and it comes with pacman stickers!!! even better!

    @JessesKids: thanks for the kind words. I'll definitely stop by and have a look at yours.

    @Abby: all this excess lately is why I dragged myself to the gym – trying to minimise the damage between Xmas and New Years! haha

  23. S and O December 30, 2010

    Ahhh those shoes are just gorgeous!
    Lucky you 🙂

  24. Jessica December 30, 2010

    amazing gifts and thrifts!
    i recently bought polkadots shorts instead of skirt and i feel polkadots are on their way back to its trend.
    those clogs are cute!

  25. sara December 30, 2010

    what great presents and thrift finds!

    hope you have a wonderful new year 🙂

  26. sojourned in style December 31, 2010

    presents or not all beautiful things arranged wonderfullly. love the clogs!

  27. The Velvet Bow December 31, 2010

    Frickin love those clogs. You are a lucky gal indeed!

  28. m i s s . t e a December 31, 2010

    i like how you styled this photo- the navy blue and bright fluffy whites go perfectly together


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