Skirt: thrifted, Sweater: asos
I feel that some mad cat-eye glasses would have really completed the whole librarian feel of this outfit. Or maybe a twin-set instead of a sweater. If you look closely at the second picture, you might be able to make out that I now have a fringe. Or something resembling a fringe. In a moment of boredom I took to my hair with some scissors. I was aiming for a blunt fringe. Half-way there, the scissors broke. Maybe it was a sign. Anyway, tonight I’m going out to partake in some Oktoberfest festivities. Rain, hail, or shine (it’s looking like A LOT of rain). I know that in Europe Oktoberfest is technically all over, but we’re in Australia and we’re always behind. I’m looking forward to drinking out of steins (although not full size due to Queensland’s strict liquor licensing laws), eating giant pretzels, and telling people that “ich kann nicht so gut Deutsch”.


  1. Jada C. October 8, 2010

    ugh rain! It's been raining over in Boston for quite a while, but I'm so glad the weekend is looking nice. Love the librarian feel of the outfit :]

  2. Vicky October 8, 2010

    I love this outfit, especially the stripes. I really wish I could pull of mid-length skirts, but I think I'm a bit too short x

  3. Jan October 8, 2010

    Thanks for your lovely comment,
    and haha yeah it sucks!
    Sometimes when it happens,
    I just wear overknees or something so you don't see it anymore,
    but now that looks weird so it sucks even more haha!

  4. Blak Sterio October 8, 2010

    You are so brave cutting your own hair, I can't even trust my hairdresser let alone myself! you look gorgeous as usual!

    xx DIana

  5. rosanguyen October 8, 2010

    Wow that's such a win at getting that skirt at a thrift store! I love the sweater 😀 Stripes and blues 🙂

  6. chow (heart+bleecker) October 8, 2010

    loving that sweater so much! it's simple but really makes a statement. and i'm hearing you on the hair thing…i havent been to a hairdresser in about 4 years…i only ever cut and dye mine, i don't trust anyone else!


  7. Oh man, I wore something that looked just like this yesterday and DIDNT snap a picture haha. I love the dark colors, plus theres something about stripes and pleats together thats so interesting because of the lines. Have fun at your Oktoberfest activities 🙂 The bangs look pretty good, you are brave to do it yourself.

  8. My name is Renée. October 8, 2010

    I love this outfit!!

  9. Hannah October 8, 2010

    Ahhhh – you just reminded me that I missed out on giant pretzels today at uni 🙁
    It started at 12 – the same time as my hair appointment, damn!
    You are certainly brave going out in this weather, it's a bit scary.
    Have an awesome time!
    I love the simple outfit by the way, the stripes and pleats are like a match made in heaven!!

  10. Mariña " La Marquesa" October 8, 2010

    love your style!! and congrast for a great blog!

  11. Sundari October 8, 2010

    Very nice outfit. I always love stripes.

  12. Maria Evans October 8, 2010

    Great look.
    I love skirtS!

    Hope to see u in my blog!


  13. Jessica October 8, 2010

    the librarian look will be a lot cooler with alexander wang cat glasses 🙂
    lusting over your stripes!

  14. ching October 8, 2010

    cat eye glasses..haha so right.

  15. i've sort of been obsessed about electric pleats since i could remember…and the skirt is just perfect. if you're a librarian, you're one really chic one!

    ps. oktober fest just started here in PI too…hehe

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  16. The Bambina October 8, 2010

    This outfit is so effortless and chic! Love the pleats.

  17. LUU H. October 8, 2010

    you have so many lovely skirts! i want them all ! and bratwurst ist gut !

  18. Christina October 9, 2010

    You look great! I really do love your sweater.
    Ahaha! Steins, brilliant! Lucky you!

  19. I think it is just beautiful, the sweater is indeed lovely.


  20. Iulia Romana October 9, 2010

    The outfit is really lovely ,it is indeed the stylish version of a librarian outfit 😀

  21. Dylana Suarez October 9, 2010

    What an essential sweater! And that skirt looks so wonderful!

  22. Hurricanes12 October 9, 2010

    cute outfit!
    & love the oktoberfest activities, may have to have an oktoberfest themed party some time soon 🙂

  23. Wynne Prasetyo October 9, 2010

    I wish there were more pictures of this outfit, I love the vintage touch and casualty of it, not to mention the comfort it seems to give you. 🙂 love your blog!

  24. Anna October 9, 2010

    love it!

  25. Louder Than Silence October 9, 2010

    Love this outfit, I've been wearing a similar skirt today. And stripes are always good. Always.

    Sally from Louder Than Silence x

  26. Miranda October 9, 2010

    Thank you ^^ I always try to make my room look better with photoshop :')
    The new album is prety great, I saw it on your blog that they had new album! So thanky you again 😉

  27. avalonne lou summers October 9, 2010

    Your librarian look is tres chic. You cannot go wrong with breton stripes and a pleated skirt. I adore. It's so nice to catch up with blogs and I've missed yours. I apologize for lack of comments, but I'm back! I hope you enjoy your Oktoberfestivities!!! 🙂

  28. Barbara October 10, 2010

    uggg here's raining cats and dogs! hope you have fun and eat lots of pretzels 🙂

  29. Mumbles October 10, 2010

    Hey, how are you?
    You look gorgeous
    such a nice outfit


  30. The Runaway Dress October 11, 2010

    Your skirt is knfajkfnaueufrnaei. No words can explain it.

  31. menina raposa October 11, 2010


  32. patricia October 11, 2010

    Wow, I never thought the librarian look could be so cute! I love how rich the deep blue of your skirt is, and how it brings out the stripes in that sweater.

  33. Becca Jane October 12, 2010

    haha – as a librarian, I approve this outfit.. can't go wrong with strips and a pleated skirt! And SO with you on the cat's eye glasses, I'm obsessed with them lately.

  34. A Pair and a Spare October 13, 2010

    love this skirt – so cute!




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