splendour in the grass: day two

The Strokes
Two Door Cinema Club | Delphic | Operator Please | Tame Impala | Laura Marling | Wolfmother |
Florence & The Machine | THE STROKES

Saturday/Strokesday. While Two Door Cinema Club, Delphic, Tame Impala, Laura Marling, and Florence & The Machine are all awesome in their own rights… today was always going to be about The Strokes. And rightly so. They were just… AMAZING. Julian and the boys delivered a set like no other. We got ourselves settled in at the amphitheatre during Operator Please, but during Tame Impala’s set we started getting a bit twitchy at the sheer number of people flooding into the amphitheatre. I’d had my heart set on seeing Laura Marling, but didn’t want to risk getting locked out for The Strokes. Anyway, my friend and I decided it was worth the risk, and I think the Splendour Gods must have been shining down on us again because after Laura’s set (which was beautiful by the way – the whole crowd singing along to Ghost was a magical moment) we beat the crowd (and the reported lockout) and made it back in time for Wolfmother’s set. We had plenty of time to squeeze our way to the front. Which kind of worked until just before The Strokes came on and a random crowd surge knocked about 50 people to the floor and set us back 10 metres or so. In hindsight this was probably a good thing because it meant we were out of the most insane part of the mosh (things got really dicey at times).

Boots, you've served me well

These boots served me well today. They withstood a lot of trampling and jumping and moshing. (For those interested, I wore these, jeans, a black singlet, my hat, and khaki anorak. Not very creative, but it was the ideal outfit for withstanding insane-o mosh pits).

Vegi Burgers

Refueling for the epic night ahead. This Vegi Burger was delicious. Can’t you tell?


You can just make out Florence. Kind of surprised these photos worked out at all. Anyway, she delivered a killer set, as always. Her voice is insanely powerful. Such a mesmerising set. I will never tire of jumping around to Dog Days live. The crush in between her set and The Strokes was SCARY.

The Strokes

So these photos were never going to be the best quality, but you can still make out some things, like Albert’s white suit. I guess he missed the leather jacket memo…

The Strokes
More of a crowd shot. But you can still see how close we were to the stage. Kind of.

There weren’t many photos I could share from today. Well there were, but I doubt my friends would appreciate me putting them up here (haha). I spent the day too wrapped up in all the great music to take photos. Anyway, memories will always serve me better in the end.

If you want to see better photos of bands etc, Triple J have some pretty extensive Splendour coverage: here.


  1. Lulu August 10, 2010

    gah, i'm jealous again! =D aren't music festivals the bestest??? i'm so so glad you had fun =]

  2. kelly ann August 10, 2010

    AMAZING. all great bands. oohh florence. <3 i want to see her live SO BAD. she's incredible.

  3. Amie August 10, 2010

    oh the jealousy that courses through my veins! ๐Ÿ˜› still kicking myself i didn't get tix to florence's side gig in melb, dog days is like my anthem!

    x amie

  4. agnieszka August 10, 2010

    omg, i begrudge you florence & the machine concert !

  5. LUU H. August 10, 2010

    Florence and the machine, the strokes and two doors cinema seem so magical day, ooohhh, im so jealous right now.. but thank god, i have seen florence live ! she is a killer woman live !

  6. this looks amazing. absolutely amazing. the one music festival I ever liked going to was cancelled this year, so now I'm even more jealous ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Barbara August 10, 2010

    oh i'm jealous!! I'd like to see laura marling and florence & the machine live!!!!!

    btw I have just started an analog project!! maybe you would like to participate?? ๐Ÿ™‚


    have a lovely day!!!

  8. Jennifer and Sherry August 10, 2010

    just stumbled upon your blog and LOVE all the pictures !


  9. evie apples August 11, 2010

    jerry's vegie burgers! i miss you! and ditto with the eyeliner quip…

  10. vint junky August 11, 2010

    Oh where was this hon? Sounds like my perfect festival. LOVE two door cinema club …and Wolfmother!!
    Looks ah-mazing!

  11. Nicollette August 19, 2010

    Oh my god. I am extremely jealous. I am dying to see the strokes live. sigh


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