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This is a post dedicated to what I would like to be wearing to Splendour in the Grass this year (if I knew how to make money grow on trees and was not averse to wearing expensive clothes in the mud).

Outfit #1

It’s the age old festival dilemma: what to wear. The brief: attire for three days of festival and camping madness. Outfits need to take into consideration the temperamental winter weather. Think frosty mornings, warm and sunny days, and freezing cold nights. Layering is therefore a must. Pockets would also come in handy. In saying all of this however, outfits mustn’t be too fussy and, seeing as we are at a festival, should allow for maximum dance-age and movement.

Imaginary Outfits #2 and #3, item links, and image credits can be found after the jump.

Outfit #2

Outfit #3

This has been somewhat therapeutic. And only slightly depressing. On the bright side, at least now I have some styling inspiration to work with. So far I only own the shoes in Outfit #1 and the jeans. The sunglasses in Outfit #3 are on their way to me now. Not much to work with, but better than nothing I suppose. If anyone would like to buy me the Pendleton Meets Opening Ceremony shorts (Outfit #3) I’d be most appreciative.

Also note that in the case of it raining for the entire festival, it doesn’t really matter what you wear because it will just be a sea of ponchos and gumboots. Or you’ll be soaking wet and look like crap anyway. Fun!

Outfit #1
Inspiration: TV “Nothing but Flowers” lookbook
1. Charles Anastase X Linda Farrow wayfarer | 2. Sportsgirl printed jasmine sling | 3. Opening Ceremony fringe sweater | 4. Cheap Monday black jeans | 5. Topshop knot tassel scarf | 6. Asos ski hook boots | 7. Topshop slinky ankle socks | 8. Sophomore u-neck tee.

Outfit #2
Inspiration: Alexa Chung for Madewell lookbook
1. Sophomore button pullover | 2. Linda Farrow luxe sunglasses | 3. Agent 99 felt hat | 4. Rachel Comey fisherman’s tank | 5. R13 wrinkle flannel shirt | 6. Provensen boots | 7. Sportsgirl bag | 8. Cheap Monday jeans.

Outfit #3
Inspiration: Arabella Ramsay “Nomadic Intellect” lookbook
1. Topshop vintage rose ‘snood’ | 2. Urban Outfitters sunglasses | 3. Sportsgirl canvas pouch bag| 4. Sportsgirl jersey hobo gloves | 5. Topshop slinky ankle socks | 6. Sportsgirl lace-me jacket | 7. Strummer boots | 8. Topshop lace over the knee socks | 9. Pendleton Meets Opening Ceremony deep pleat shorts | 10. T by Alexander Wang Football crop sweater.


  1. The Velvet Bow July 17, 2010

    You are such a lucky thing to be going to Splendour!

    I adore each and every one of these items, but i have to say my favourites are the sunglasses and boots.

    x The Velvet Bow

  2. lineandree July 17, 2010

    Yeah, those are some seriously sweet things. But those sunglasses, those are fabulous! If only money grew on trees 🙁

  3. Ella July 17, 2010

    lucky you! i kind of need just about every single one of these pieces! the glasses and that frilly little top are my favorites!

  4. Maria Evans July 17, 2010

    nice election!


  5. Jes July 17, 2010

    Jesus!!! I need these items in my hands… the boots and scarf, the INSANE pants Samantha is wearing. Love this post babe!

    Might I add how jealous I am that we don't have splendour in the grass over here…


  6. ponyhunter July 17, 2010

    ah splendour, jealous jealous jealous. all the clothes are fantastic too. isn't money a pain!

  7. I love all of these collages, they all have the most perfect colour schemes.

  8. notjustmedical July 17, 2010

    Amazing picks of outfits!! My favourite is the last one, although I particularly love the Opening Ceremony fringed sweater…please get that one!


  9. Lianne July 17, 2010

    OMG i want every single thing in this post!

  10. Christina July 17, 2010

    i am so jealous! i really hope you have a brilliant time!
    the outfits look amazing, i cant wait to see your posts 🙂

  11. Seanè Shalev July 17, 2010

    AHH!! Those pants are adorable!♥

  12. Stace July 17, 2010

    pooooo so jealous of you!
    all three look great, #1 is probably the most "me" though 🙂


  13. Well … choosing clothes for a festival is a huge problem 😀 It's challenging 😀

    I love the shoes 😀 This pair would be perfect…but I'm not sure if after the event, they would still be of the same colour …

    I uploaded some new photos on my site … Would you like to take a look ?



  14. Charlotte. July 17, 2010

    i think the third outfit is my favourite, but the boots from the second are most definitely on my wishlist!

  15. Kaya July 17, 2010

    dear, where did you find this pullover? it's soo great!the sunglasses and the bag are amazing too. like your choices:)

  16. Constance July 17, 2010

    oooh lovely items!

  17. Spence. July 17, 2010

    Great festival outfits – I really want those sunnies and the bag in outfit 2! I can't wait for the Alexa for Madwell collection to be released, I really love her style

    Hope you have a lovely time at the festival! 🙂

  18. S and O July 17, 2010

    I'm seriously drooling over those amazing boots!
    love those floral pants — they are so cute! ^_^


  19. rebecca July 17, 2010

    I would willingly wear each of these looks. I wish clothes were free!!


  20. julianne. July 17, 2010

    mmmm perfect fall clothing.
    i love it! <3

  21. eugenialejos July 17, 2010

    perfect outfit!!

  22. soph (owl vs. dove) July 18, 2010

    @notjustmedical: I was contemplating it because it was on sale, but alas it is now sold out. There is a cardigan version though…

    @Christina: thanks! I'm planning on taking lots and lots of photos. Kind of excited 🙂

    @Paula: good point. My pair are already a bit discoloured and I've only worn them out a few times!

    @Charlotte: aren't those boots just fantastic? Currently on my lust-list too haha

    @Kaya: The pullover is by opening ceremony. They have it in a shirt and cardigan version too.

    @Spence: Thanks! I wish we could get Madewell her in Aus. I think in the end I'm going to have to resort to ebay haha

    @Rebecca: in a perfect world!

  23. Meggstatus July 18, 2010

    I want those floral pants. Oh my those are darling!!

  24. Lulu July 18, 2010

    oh wow i LOVE outfit number one! those floral pants! gahhh especially with that geometric sweater and those boots.

  25. Chandler July 18, 2010

    Love your blog so much! So cute and just perfect (:


  26. Wendy July 18, 2010

    I love those tan lace up boots!

  27. JadeRose July 18, 2010

    haha i think gumboots are going to be your best bet at the festival! Although i am liking the TV look you posted here and the penchant for a good Little Red song in a few posts below…it would seem we have quite the same taste in music and fashion 🙂

  28. soph (owl vs. dove) July 18, 2010

    @JadeRose: ahh thanks for pointing out that it's from the TV lookbook! Totally missed that. Must've had antipodium on the mind. I've edited it now though *phew*

  29. Krimly July 18, 2010

    love the jumper 3
    have fun!


  30. idée_géniale July 18, 2010

    oh man, these outfits are making me crave fall. it's just too darn hot in nyc right now to even start thinking of layering but i'd wear any of these outfits!

  31. nyc lu July 18, 2010

    haha i love this post. that little floral bag is so sweet! and that sweater is fun. i want some big chunky open weave sweaters for fall!

  32. Blicious July 19, 2010

    i love everything!! so cute!

    new follower! 🙂


  33. iamabimarvel July 19, 2010

    Loving these outfit mix. Especially the socks, haha!

    I have a thing for cool, comfy socks 🙂


    I am Abimarvel.

  34. Kara July 19, 2010

    Great mixes! love the colour schemes! #3 will be mine!! haha i love it!!


  35. Lisa Grace July 20, 2010

    oh splendour… I shall be enjoying it from the comfort of my bedroom via triple j. fun times! awesome outfits, you're going to have an amazing time!! 🙂

  36. Dina-Dyorre August 6, 2010

    Love all. Saved all. WANT all.

    I think I'll cave in and buy that Alexander Wang sweater, it will be just the BEST investment. ever.


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