rock it like little red

Little Red – Rock It

I saw this on Rage a few weekends ago and have had it stuck in my head ever since. Oh, Little Red, you do know how to craft a catchy pop song (see: Coca Cola). They also know how to make film clips that I want to be a part of. Lo-fi lighting? Bubbles? Hand claps? Awkward dancing? Awkward dancing in forests? Yes please! Also, the drummer (gold jacket, sequin shirt, mad dance skillz) is my newest hero. Seriously, his dance moves take the cake (see: Coca Cola). If you aren’t already bopping along, I suggest you do as the song says and start rockin’ it.


  1. Amie July 12, 2010

    I'm going to see Little Red this Thursday! So excited πŸ™‚
    One of my faves is Fight Song

  2. menina raposa July 13, 2010

    love it!

  3. Noddy July 13, 2010

    i miss little red, its been so long since they've released a song – not since their album! i love taka honda too! he's like a panda when he drums, but i don't like his new hair cut πŸ™

  4. Noelle Chantal July 13, 2010

    where on earth i've been! how come i don't know this song! great music, will check more of them from now on.

    plus the gold jacket is a winner! thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

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  6. Kate Maggie July 13, 2010

    Haha, wow! I love this video..thanks so much for sharing. Eeep. I love your blog! x

  7. It's sticking in my head already!

  8. Ella July 13, 2010

    this music video is very very WOW. embarrassingly enough, i have never heard of them! thanks for introducing. i will be stalking them on the web shortly….. haha

  9. soph (owl vs. dove) July 13, 2010

    @Amie: Lucky you! Hopfeully I'll get to see them at Splendour.

    @Noddy: Their new album is coming out soon I think. Maybe Taka's just experimenting with his hipster side? (re: haircut)

    @KateMaggie: Thanks, and you're welcome πŸ™‚

    @lucylocket: Oh, the power of catchy pop haha

    @Ella: I approve of this plan.

  10. DafnaDiamant July 13, 2010

    thanks for sharing, its awesome πŸ˜‰

  11. Kaya July 13, 2010

    ha, ha… amazing!

  12. Daphne July 13, 2010

    love the song! but not as much as i love your blog to bits.:) i just discovered Owl vs. Dove and i've been going through your archive ever since, you're absolutely wonderful and i'll be following for sure! i just started a blog myself and would be so honoured to hear what you think of it.xx
    lots, lots of love,

  13. Pop Champagne July 13, 2010

    the song is pretty good! quite catchy!

  14. The GUILTY HYENA July 13, 2010

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  15. Viv July 14, 2010

    great song! love your blog πŸ™‚

  16. Michelle July 14, 2010

    I just stumbled across your blog and love it!

    Also love Little Red too. =)


  17. Becky Jean July 14, 2010

    Love Little Red πŸ™‚ I caught them at One Movement Perth last year… so great!! xx

  18. claire (jazzpad.) July 14, 2010

    Ha this is marvelous, I'd never heard of these before. Have you heard Darwin Deez? Spotify/youtube him, he's ace. PS thanks for the comments, I am hereby stealing your Extreme Jenga idea for my next night out haaha! I'm thinking it would go down very well in my new student house warming! πŸ˜€ β™₯ Claire @ Jazzpad

  19. gabriellepaton July 14, 2010

    I'm the blonde girl who is hugging the other girl. Twas a great day <3

  20. soph (owl vs. dove) July 15, 2010

    @Daphne: Thanks so much for the kind words, and thanks for following. I'll be sure to visit your blog.

    @Viv and @Michelle: thanks you.

    @Claire: Yep, I've heard of Darwin Deez. I had Radar Detector stuck in my head for yonks. Enjoy Extreme Jenga!!

    @gabriellepaton: No way! That's awesome!

  21. toni July 15, 2010

    Oh, sooo cute! I like the singer, his curly hair and little grin and awesome dance moves. Thanks for sharing this πŸ™‚

  22. Lianne July 17, 2010

    Gotta download this!


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