This is the trailer for Sofia Coppola’s latest film, Somewhere. The plot seems to revolve around a movie star and his relationship with his daughter. I’m not too fussed on the details. I’ll be seeing this film on the basis that it was directed by Sofia Coppola. That’s good reason enough, I say. While I don’t think anything could quite match up to The Virgin Suicides, I’ll still be eagerly awaiting the release of this film. And the soundtrack. From this trailer alone, what with Phoenix’s Love Like a Sunset Pt. 1 and The Strokes’ I’ll Try Anything Once (which was actually a demo for You Only Live Once), you can tell it’s going to be a good one.


  1. Mez June 15, 2010

    The Virgin Suicides was such a modern day classic. I'm looking forward to seeing this next surprise of Miss Coppola's.

  2. Little Sparrow June 15, 2010

    Oh! I've been waiting to see a trailer for this! Thanks for posting it.

    Very lovely music. So exciting!


  3. Amie June 15, 2010

    saw this on tumblr today and i think i squealed in excitement, srsly 😛 sofia coppola FTW!
    elle fanning looks lovely and it seems like it could be a great one


  4. notjustmedical June 15, 2010

    Sounds good (especially the soundtrack)! I will definitely be taking a look at this


  5. LUU H. June 15, 2010

    the stroke song fits perfect to the movie ! i hope the movie is going to be on the theathers in norway !

  6. Bijou and Ruby June 15, 2010


  7. Hiroko June 15, 2010

    Oh my god, thanks for the heads up!
    Like you I will watch anything directed by Coppola, she is a genius.

  8. Clara June 15, 2010

    lovely blog

  9. lavelle June 15, 2010

    i love all of her films so cannot wait to see this!

    is elle fanning dakota fanning's sister? What a talented (and rich!!) family xx

  10. Sun June 15, 2010

    beautiful <3 can't wait to see. thanks for sharing : )

  11. 啟佐 June 15, 2010

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  12. Marinka June 15, 2010

    I want to see this movie but I don't think it could top the virgin suicides or lost in translation either! But I love sofia's film still!! she is so talented

  13. Lulu June 17, 2010

    oh funny i just saw this trailer on another blog! it looks like a really great movie. and i like Elle Fanning lots more than her sister for some reason. definitely going to see it!

  14. Janelle Haskin June 17, 2010

    eeeee!!!!! YES!!!!!! 🙂

  15. Lisa Grace June 18, 2010

    Oooooh can't wait for this.

  16. Ella June 25, 2010

    ironically, i just did a post on this! i've seen everyone of her films (not like there's too many so…haha) but i hope it's just as good as her others. the virgin suicides, marie antoinette, and lost in translation were all amazing. 🙂

  17. leather lace blog June 25, 2010

    this is going to be amazing!!
    p.s. love your blog!


  18. anne June 25, 2010

    Wow I love this trailer! As soon as I heard the Strokes' song, I thought 'hm I have to see this movie' haha, it just adds a lot for me.

  19. Kaya July 5, 2010

    Sofia is great. I've watched "Marie Antoinette" and "Lost In Translation"; but when i get the chance i also will watch "the virgin suicides". yes, her soundtracks are really good; when i listenen to "m.a." i fell in love with the strokes. i think in this trailer it is "you only live once". it#s a great song! and: i'm so glad about a new film of her!


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