rabbit heart

See what I did there? Putting Florence & The Machine’s song, Rabbit Heart, in this post? Because the brooch says rabbits? And it’s in the shape of a heart? And it’s the Lionheart remix? Yeah, even I amaze myself sometimes. Anyway, this lovely little brooch ended up in my hands by way of a RE-read Design giveaway. I won a giveaway! Yes! I won something! I never win anything! This is a big deal! The last time I actually did win something was in Grade 9. It was a giant bucket of lollies (one of those guess-how-many type things). Really? Who needs a giant bucket of lollies? Pretty sure I shouldn’t have been eligible to win it anyway, since it was my class that had organised the raffle/competition. Scandalous. Anyway, RE-read have a lot of nifty stuff, and the brooches are made from salvaged children’s books. And they’re Brisbane based. So go check it out! (Here: RE-read Design)


  1. Christina May 23, 2010

    haha! the brooch is too cute!
    + lucky you!

  2. Amie May 23, 2010

    cute as!

  3. muchlove May 23, 2010

    Ooh, I have a RE-read brooch too, and mine is actually a shape of a rabbit! 🙂 I love yours. Of course I love that it's in a love heart shape 😉

  4. Mez May 23, 2010

    Love rabbits!!

  5. missklicious May 23, 2010

    Lovely brooch =)

  6. Claire May 23, 2010

    best song ever. seeing her live in 2 months (: x

  7. notjustmedical May 23, 2010

    Cute brooch! I love that song as well!


  8. Becca Jane May 23, 2010

    Very cute brooch! And love Florence and the Machine as well

  9. rebecca May 23, 2010

    That brooch is lovely!
    And I never win anything either – then I win 2 giveaways in 4 days?? What is this madness????


  10. Marinka May 27, 2010

    that brooch is so lovely

  11. Rose June 3, 2010

    very cool badge- and very cool song of course- I kind of loved her more when no one else knew her but that's always the way with any band you like when they're playing to 20 people and then they are suddenly playing to 10000!

  12. Kaya July 5, 2010

    i never heard this version. ilove the song. florence is great!


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