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I ventured into my local library on the weekend (first time in months) because I was in desperate need of new reading material. Unfortunately, the selection of fiction at my local library is pretty bland. Rows and rows of Danielle Steel, John Grisham and James Patterson? Sorry, but no thanks. The non-fiction section turned out to be much more fruitful. I borrowed Another Fashion Book, which “showcases the ambitious photographic archives of AnOther magazine”, as well as Figure Drawing for Fashion Design (hoping to pick up a few tips on proportion and perspective) and Green is the New Black – How to change the world with style. I’ve included some images from Another Fashion Book in this post. If you ever get the chance, definitely flick through it.


  1. June Paski May 19, 2010

    look interesting book, I wish my school library have fashion book like this

  2. Clara May 19, 2010

    gosh! amazing!

  3. kirstyb May 19, 2010

    looks fab xxx

  4. May 19, 2010

    "Rows and rows of Danielle Steel, John Grisham and James Patterson? Sorry, but no thanks" LOL, so true! We often go to our local library bookseller, and it seems like it's loaded with books by these authors (with a few gems mixed in). Have a great day!! ♥

  5. Some Style... May 19, 2010

    looks amazing and wonderful images!

  6. gorgeousclara May 19, 2010

    ohhh…the images look great

  7. julianne. May 19, 2010

    that looks like a book id forsure read.
    how coooll doll.<3


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