white light white heat

Amy Kaehne. Winter 2010. “White Light White Heat”.

More Autumn inspiration for you. Love these campaign shots for Amy Kaehne’s Winter 2010 collection. The Australian based, New Zealand born designer cites The Velvet Underground as the main inspiration for this collection, channeling the “carefree and relaxed attitude” associated with the band. My picks of the collection include the Venus in Furs cape and the Velvet Underground dress (which, fittingly, is made out of velvet). View more images after the jump.



  1. Meggstatus April 14, 2010

    I love that the lining of the coat matched this dress perfectly.

  2. Nicole Jarecz April 14, 2010

    i love the brown and grey mixed together!

  3. caramelizedvintage April 14, 2010

    My goodness! Such a pretty collection. The tallll boots and the hat are gorgeous!

  4. avalonne April 14, 2010

    I love Autumn! It's the end of summer, but it's not super cold, it allows for experimentation with layers and just transitioning to summer to fall is so fun. It's so warm, especially in San Francisco… but it's a shame, we don't have Autumn, the leaves don't turn orange.

  5. rachel April 14, 2010

    still loving your blog! Adding you to my blogroll.

  6. kelly ann April 14, 2010

    LOVE the hat paired with the dresses. perfection!

  7. ¶ Michelle April 14, 2010

    oh I'm so inlove with this. I love Autumn, it's so cold here in Perth and raining but I love it!

  8. emma j April 14, 2010

    yeaaah for autumn..its finally come to the west coast! capes and velvet..perfect for winter!

  9. notjustmedical April 14, 2010

    Reminds me of Indiana Jones! It makes me want to buy a hat like that.


  10. openid April 14, 2010

    mmm love the hues.. the hat tops it off!

  11. soph (owl vs. dove) April 15, 2010

    @Meggstatus: I loved that little detail too!

    @Nicole: Agreed. It's a very refreshing colour combination

    @caramelizedvintage: I definitely want to invest in a pair of thigh high boots and a brown hat after seeing this lookbook haha.

    @avalonne: Perfect description! I swear, you always take the words straight out of my mouth. It's warm here too, and not many leaves turn orange either… but it's still fun to pretend.

    @rachel: Thank you! I'll return the favour 🙂

    @kellyann: Me too! I think the hat is one of my new favourite things. I wonder if it is part of the collection? Hmm.

    @Michelle: It was raining here until recently too, but now it's all sunshiney and a bit more autumn-y. Yay!

    @EmmaJ: Oh I desperately need to get my hands on a cape or two and more velvet this season.

    @notjustmedical: Yes! Now that you mention it. Very Indiana Jones. Must be the hat.

    @openid: Agreed!

  12. ChYmEc!nDy** April 15, 2010

    nice blog. i am your new follower.

  13. angi April 15, 2010

    ummm WOW to the shirt— yes yes yes please

    wonderful blog! x

  14. Conrad The Great! April 15, 2010

    as in the Velvet Underground???

  15. Aya Smith April 15, 2010

    Oh man, I love this! her hair is stunning… love the sleeves and hat too, perfect 🙂

    Aya ♥ StrawberryKoi.blogspot.com

  16. Dylana Suarez April 15, 2010

    This is really beautiful!


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