pocketful of goodness

Left over roast pumpkin, eggplant and capsicum with garden salad chucked into handy pocket bread. Probably one of my favourite lunch time snacks. Pocket breads are an old favourite of mine. Ever since I was a kid, if you were to offer me the option of a normal sandwich, or something in a POCKET, the pocket would win hands down. I think that my obsession with my clothes having pockets stems from this fascination too. Hmm.


  1. avalonne April 18, 2010

    OMG that looks so yum, except I don't like capsicum and I used to not like eggplant either… but I'm not as picky as I used to be, which is good!!! Is that a pita bread? I want pita bread and hummus and sun dried tomato and pesto! YUM!!! Ahh it looks so good, the colors are so pretty!

  2. soph (owl vs. dove) April 18, 2010

    @avalonne: Yep, it's pita bread. I've just got into a habit of calling it pocket bread – so much catchier haha. I never used to like capsicum and eggplant either! I'm more of a fan of roasted or grilled capsicum rather than fresh.

  3. Ally,The Vintage Valley April 18, 2010

    ohhhh, (mouth water) looks so yum…love the pics too XX

  4. muchlove April 18, 2010

    yum!! I love pita pocket bread. That looks so nice and healthy too.

  5. notjustmedical April 18, 2010

    That looks realllly good!


  6. danica April 18, 2010

    i want to eat one of these so badly!

  7. Chrissy April 19, 2010

    That looks delicious. 🙂

  8. Lianne April 20, 2010

    Nom, i just got so hungry!

  9. that looks absolutely yummie! but can anybody tell me what capsicum is?? 😀

  10. soph (owl vs. dove) April 22, 2010

    @Emma: capsicum are peppers. So I guess here I used red peppers?

  11. Becca April 27, 2010

    Oh this makes me hungry! Such pretty food!


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