oh so coco

Love these shots of Coco Rocha in Flare magazine. The chalked up backgrounds were an interesting idea. It almost makes me want to take to my walls with some sticks of chalk (probably not a good idea though).

Flare (April 2010)
Editorial: Oh So Coco | Photography: Chris Nicholls | Styling: Elizabeth Cabral.
Images: via noirfacade | Collages: me

You may have noticed that I exceeded my bandwidth this month. But never fear, Photobucket tells me that it will go back to normal today (apparently). I think I may stick to Tinypic for the time being though. Not ready to upgrade to Photobucket Pro. What does everyone else do re: image hosting? Any tips/words of wisdom?


  1. so beautiful, love the chalk…

  2. kelly ann April 6, 2010

    i just love this shoot. i saw a behind the scenes video of it a while back and it looked like such fun! coco is such a doll.

  3. danica April 6, 2010

    she is so stunning. and could her name be any cooler?

    as for image hosting i use photobucket and upload some image directly to my blog. the bandwidth limitations with photobucket are annoying. perhaps flickr might be a better option?

  4. soph (owl vs. dove) April 6, 2010

    @kellyann: I think I might have to find this behind the scenes video.

    @danica: I'm always jealous of people with cool names haha. I use flickr for some of my "nice" photos, so maybe I'll just spread things over photobucket, flickr and tinypic and hope for the best!

  5. Hannah April 6, 2010

    She's got so much energy!

    For image hosting, I like to use Flickr. True, you'd probably need to buy a pro account at some point (and I don't know how prices compare) but there's a whole community on Flickr to interact with, it's almost like having a second blog without the effort, which I think is nice.

  6. Hannah April 6, 2010

    Oh, just read your above comment, doh! Did you know that you can change the privacy options on your Flickr? I upload all my photos on there and then set collages/photos that aren't mine/pictures I just don't like that much to private so that my photostream remains uncluttered. You can still use them on your blog when they're private.

  7. soph (owl vs. dove) April 6, 2010

    @Hannah: Thanks so much for that advice! I was never sure whether photos set to private on Flickr would display on my blog or not, so thanks for clarifying. Real life saver!

  8. LittleOwl April 6, 2010

    I love this shoot, her expressions are just adorable.
    I've always wanted to put chalk paint on my walls!

  9. Noemi Sunshine Ferst April 6, 2010

    She is so lovely.

  10. Tuesdai Noelle April 6, 2010

    Dramatic and stunning photospread 🙂 Have a fab day

  11. Rianna Bethany April 6, 2010

    love the image with the wings
    Rianna xxxx

  12. Phuong April 6, 2010

    Wow great pictures!

  13. Rae April 7, 2010

    Don't worry I may have to take to my walls with some chalk after seeing this editorials! The pictures are gorgeous! I love your blog and if you follow mine, I'll follow yours! 😀

    Take a Walk on a Rae of Sunshine:

  14. June Paski April 7, 2010

    really love this editorial, yes it make me wnt drawing my wall with chalk too!


  15. Clara April 7, 2010

    amazing pics!


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