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Lunch. I felt like sushi so I trekked to the shopping centre to get some. And by trekked I mean a leisurely 5-10 minute stroll. Finding good sushi at shopping centre food courts can be hard. My go-to is sushi sushi. Their assorted sushi boxes are always a winner. I chose this one on the basis of it was the only medium-ish sized one that included inari. I shared this, but to be honest I probably could have scoffed the whole thing myself. Now I’m going to have an afternoon nap and sleep off the effects of Saturday night. Hopefully the man across the road stops with the whippersnipper soon.

P.S. 200 followers! Yeeeee!


  1. bowsnhearts March 21, 2010

    I love sushi so much! It's just hard to find good sushi in Australia…like the type where sushi chefs actually make the sushi right in front of you!

  2. Lulu March 21, 2010

    sushi is the best!!!!

  3. jacquelinemay March 21, 2010

    Woooo sushi!! Yummy! This looks incredibly delicious too!

  4. Zoë March 21, 2010

    mmmmmhmmmmmmmm sushi!!!

  5. soph (owl vs. dove) March 21, 2010

    @bowsnhearts: oh yes, I much prefer seeing my sushi being made. That why I'm a bit iffy about store bought sushi. Food prep plays on my mind. A lot.

    @Lulu: seconded.

    @jacquilinemay: it tasted delicious too 🙂

    @zoe:that's about the same sound I made before I ate it!

  6. ASYMMETRICERA March 21, 2010

    mmm, the egg one would be my favouritee. congrats on 200, always lovin' your blog:)


  7. Mae March 21, 2010

    Ooooo congrats on the 200 followers! Yum, this looks really good! I don't even like raw fish, actually I hate all forms of fish (apart from deep fried). But this actually looks appetizing! I don't know how that works ahaha

  8. The Sweet Halcyon Days March 21, 2010

    I said sushi yesterday!! haha
    Lovely blog, and congrats on the 200 followers! That's amazing!

  9. Mez March 22, 2010

    Sushi Sushi is like my Maccas, it's fast, easy and so delicious. Their sashimi is fantastic.

    Viva la sushi!!

  10. soph (owl vs. dove) March 22, 2010

    @ASYMMETRICERA: Thanks lovely!

    @Mae: I used to be a bit like that. And then I finally got my head around it and have never looked back, haha.

    @TheSweetHalcyonDays: Yay for sushi. And thank you! I'm quite chuffed.

    @Mez: That is the perfect comparison! Their sashimi is definitely my fave.


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