like a riot, like a riot, oh!

Crappy camera phone photo. Just pretend that you can see the band.

Phoenix last night were fantastic. Definitely an ideal way to spend a Monday night. The sound was a bit iffy at times, however, and I don’t know if the Convention Centre was the best venue for them to be playing. Then again, Brisbane is lame and has limited live music venues. But that’s a rant for another day. Back to the good stuff. Highlight for me was definitely when they played Playground Love. I wasn’t sure if they’d pull that out since technically it is an Air song. But they did and I nearly died of happiness. Props also to Thomas Mars for jumping off stage, braving the crowd, and bringing the show to the punters in the stands. And then crowd surfing all the way back to the stage. The only way the night could have been any better was if I had been lucky enough to go up on stage and dance right at the very end. Oh well.


  1. daydreaminblue March 2, 2010

    you are lucky, lucky, lucky. why oh why don't good artists ever come to perth??!

  2. The Bambina March 2, 2010

    Ahh I love Phoenix! Sounds like fun.

  3. danica March 3, 2010

    i unfortunately missed out on tickets to see them and am quite devastated 🙁 i love the coloured lights.

  4. pink horrorshow April 8, 2010

    I saw Phoenix with Kid Cudi last year and Thomas jumped down from the stage and the entire front part of the crowd just rushed forward and I nearly got squished! lol it was such a good show amaaaazing.


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