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Top: Kim Noorda as Strawberry Shortcake
Bottom (L-R): Chanel Iman as Orange Blossom, Charlotte Di Calypso as Lemon Meringue, and Giedre Dukauskaite as Lime Chiffon.

There seems to be a trend these days for magazines to release multiple covers for their print issues. For their Spring Summer 2010 issue, Lula magazine took inspiration from the Strawberry Shortcake series and released covers depicting some of the original characters from the 1980s cartoon. Each costume was recreated by designers such as Charles Anastase, Kenzo, and Sonia Rykiel. As a child, I never really took much interest in Strawberry Shortcake (I think I only ever owned a mini Strawberry Shortcake doll) but these images are enough for me to strike a renewed interest in the series. Strawberry Shortcake all grown up and dabbling in high fashion? Yes please!

Lula #10 (S/S2010)
Editorial: Doll Is Mine
Photography: Damon Heath | Styling: Leith Clark
Collage: Me
Image source: fearless123@tfs


  1. Vicki February 24, 2010

    god i love lula magazine.. why dont they sell it in ireland!!! lol.
    Vicki 🙂


  2. B. February 24, 2010

    i've never bought it but for the photos i've seen it looks like an amazing magazine isn't it?
    love these ones

  3. Lillian February 24, 2010

    Why oh WHY don't I own this magazine! I never even liked strawberry shortcake (well I really liked the actual cake.. yum!) but I'm interested now!

  4. M. February 24, 2010

    I looove this editorial, it's so fun

    lovelove, M.

  5. vera February 24, 2010

    colour comes back! i'm glad!

  6. bijoubijou February 24, 2010

    love that 2st pic! shes stunning.



  7. Lulu February 24, 2010

    ooooh love the stripey tights!!!

  8. danica February 25, 2010

    what an excellent idea. i'm going to have to check out my local borders and see if the latest lula has arrived.

  9. fadetoblack February 25, 2010

    i think i agree…. the mis of the strawberry shortcake with an updated look is so fab!!

  10. Elizabeth February 26, 2010

    aaah i need to go run out and buy this! such a cute and clever idea for a photoshoot!

  11. rachel February 26, 2010

    I used to LOVE strawberry shortcake. I'd go to the video store and would never ask mum to hire anything else… until she banned me from it 🙁 Those tights are perfect!!


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