smile! you’re on candid camera

NYFW. Backstage at Alexander Wang.

Note to models: it’s OK to smile sometimes.

Even if it does give you wrinkles.

New York Fashion Week is done and dusted, and it’s time to reflect on the collections that were. I was thinking of doing a visual round-up/collage of my favourite Fall 2010 collections, but everyone and their mother has done that. I don’t know how people kept up with all of the collections. There were just so many of them. My bandwidth would have died. Twice. I’m glad I discovered these Polaroids by Jeremy Kost though, over at I found them a lot more interesting than looking at actual pictures of the shows. I always prefer backstage and detail shots over runway photos. That said, I did look over a few collections and have noticed some obvious trends.

So here are the things that I’ve learnt from the NYFW Fall 2010 shows:

1. It is now socially acceptable to drape yourself in velvet. George Costanza would be so happy (I really hope people get the Seinfeld reference).

2. Get nude. No, no, no, don’t start taking off your clothes. Just wear nude coloured clothing to give people the illusion that you’re buck naked.

3. Mixing prints and textures is the way to go. The more eclectic the clashing, the more expensive your outfit obviously is (ahem, Rodarte).

4. Slicked back ponytails are the new messy ‘do (but the I-just-got-out-of-bed-and-didn’t-have-time-to-brush-my-hair-but-doesn’t-it-look-fabulous-anyway look will always have a home thanks to all the hipsters out there).

5. No girl (or boy, if you were so inclined) should be without a red lipstick. Because if you wear red lipstick, you will be more fabulous.

Now, go forth and be fashionable (according to the standards set by NYFW, anyway).

And don’t forget to smile.

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  1. bowsnhearts February 20, 2010

    Aggy is so pretty but I hardly see her smile in photos!

    I have seen a lot of garments lately with the nude insert look…some of them look pretty good…some just look weird. Lol!

  2. Kallie February 20, 2010

    thanks for the roundup 🙂

  3. mumbles February 21, 2010

    lovely blog
    thanks for the advises
    ahaha great

  4. SOPHIE WEARS February 21, 2010

    yep, NY fashion week has finally to an end, it was fun! ooh dope polaroids u posted, aaw how i adore alexander wang!

  5. dy of ghost February 23, 2010

    yeah it's really refreshing to see happy, smiling models 🙂

  6. Second Skin February 23, 2010

    Great recap! And a very lovely blog you have! I love your illustration below!

  7. eva ravenstein February 23, 2010

    heehee, thanks for the roundup:) and you're right, i just discovered red lipstick!

  8. Carissa February 23, 2010

    are there Frida Pola?


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