a community service announcement

Jonathan Boulet – A Community Service Announcement

I find that this song has both a calming and motivating effect on me. Strange combination, I know. Jonathan Boulet’s laidback vocals are perfect to chill out to, but the uplifting beat makes me want to get up and dance. Either way it is still a pretty sweet tune for a Sunday afternoon.


  1. Hannah February 21, 2010

    You always share such great music, please keep it up! I love discovering new artists.

  2. pixelhazard February 21, 2010

    Yeah I love this song heaps!

  3. Tori February 21, 2010

    SO glad someone else respects wonderful music. I adore Jonathan Boulet.

  4. June Paski February 22, 2010

    love this songs, you have great taste in music!



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