sunset sounds day two

John Steel Singers

John Steel Singers, King Khan & The Shrines, Lisa Mitchell, Grizzly Bear, Sarah Blasko, Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It made for a pretty epic Day Two. Click the link below to see more photos taken on my Holga.

John Steel Singers. Wearing horse heads. Sexy.

King Khan & The Shrines. In the paper they described him as being a cross between James Brown and Iggy Pop. You read that, and it’s pretty hard to comprehend, but then you see him and it all makes sense.

It looks like I’m applying lipstick to my chin. But I’m not. Also, applying lipstick without a mirror was a brave decision on my part. Especially red lipstick. But my Lancome lipstick is more like a really really red gloss, so it’s not all scary. Moral of the story? None, really.

Lisa Mitchell. Dusk + no camera flash = sub par photos. But she was way cute. And was wearing a killer red dress. Click the photo to enlarge.

Grizzly Bear. Of course, the only semi-decent photo had to be of the drum kit. With no drummer. In the second photo, if you squint, you can kind of see one of the band members. I need a better system for night shots. Obviously my flash sucks. Despite the crappy photos, they were AMAZING. Magical, almost. The super long sound check and late start was so worth it. Also, props to the girl in the crowd with the Lomo fisheye. We had mad Lomo chats.

Sarah Blasko. En route to Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Curse you Sunset Sounds for making me choose between YYYs, Blasko, and Xavier Rudd. (Oh, who am I kidding, I still love you, SS). And yes, this is a way dodgy photo but whatever. It was night. And I didn’t use a flash. Therefore in my mind it’s a semi-success.

I also have a bunch of photos that aren’t festival related, and will post them in due course. Hope you’ve enjoyed my Sunset Sounds photo journey!


  1. Charlotte. January 14, 2010

    oooh lisa mitchell!
    i love her 🙂

  2. A.n.E January 15, 2010

    looks like an amazing day! yeah yeah yeahs! I love it how summers' all about the music!


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