crafty cushions

I recently bought a new bedspread, in a taupe colour (I decided that I’d had enough of stripes and brights). Now, while it’s all very soft and serene, it’s still a bit dull. A bit too beige. So I decided that I’d jazz it up by adding some complementing cushions. Dilemma: cushions can be expensive. And the ones I end up liking best are usually sold for extortionist prices. Then I remembered that my mum has several containers full of sample and scrap materials. So I decided to get crafty and make my own cushions.

Narrowing down the possible colour combinations. Making the cushions was quite simple . They were all square samples and came with matching ‘plain’ squares, which I used as the backing. It was all very convenient. All that was involved was sewing the edges together (leaving a gap to put the filling in), turning the thing inside out (make sure that the ‘right’ sides are facing each other before you sew the edges), adding the filling (which I used from old cushions), and then sewing it all up. When they need a wash I’ll just unpick one side and take out the filling. My philosophy at the time was “I’ll worry about that later”.

The end result. They’re a still a bit lumpy. I’ve been trying to mould them so they’re not as lumpy, but I guess that will all happen in time. They were so easy to make that I’m tempted to make a few more!


  1. Chloe January 17, 2010

    I think there beautiful, I'd like a few pillows for my couch actually, maybe I should make some.

  2. RUTH January 17, 2010

    wow. looks good

  3. June Paski January 17, 2010

    these very beautiful, I love the musk ones 🙂


  4. Vinda Sonata January 17, 2010

    oh my. i love the combination of colors. interior designs (including furniture colors combining) has always enchant me somehow.

    very enjoyable post. i enjoyed scanning every single pics. i love the tranquility reflected in there.

  5. isabella thordsen January 17, 2010

    amazing blog!

  6. Raez January 17, 2010

    seriously amazed at your skill with pillows! they defnitely transform your already cute bed!

    xx raez

  7. Chip And Dale January 17, 2010

    I think they are gorgeous! simple to make, but you have to had the idea to make it, and really like the colours!

  8. emma wallace January 18, 2010

    Love them! I've been on the hunt for reasonably priced green cushions for my bed (it's also cream) and this sounds so painless and the results are marvelous.

  9. Marie January 24, 2010

    oh gosh! that always happens to my handmade cushions too! let me know when you find a solution.


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