bbq + boardgames

Testing out my Diana Mini at a friend’s BBQ. We beat the summer heat by staying in the shade, sipping on cold beverages, and playing boardgames till the sun went down! Photo-wise, I like the warmth of the colours. The photos turned out pretty well, despite the fact we were in the shade. Sometimes I’m scared of taking (film) photos that aren’t in full light. The last one resulted in a bit of an ugly lens flare. But I thought I’d post it anyway. I don’t think I’ll ever be blessed with cool lens flares. Sigh.


  1. caramelizedvintage December 21, 2009

    Your photos turned out well for being in the shade! Looks like a fun get-together! And that lens flare isn't uglyy, it's interesting. :}

  2. muchlove December 21, 2009

    really great photos! looks like you guys had fun too.
    and what ugly lens flare? I call it a cool lens flare 😉

  3. owl and peacock : melina December 21, 2009

    must buy this camera…. ahhh

  4. Dylana December 22, 2009

    Looks like a lovely time!

  5. fadetoblack December 22, 2009

    great photos!
    looks like oyu had a great tim e:)++

  6. A December 23, 2009

    Your photos turned out really well!
    I love boardgames, but don't play them enough 🙁


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