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I’ve finally finished reading the Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and next on my list is this book. I found it while browsing Dad’s bookshelf and realised that I have not yet read anything by Truman Capote. So I thought I’d get cultured. (I’m mainly reading it for Breakfast at Tiffany’s… sssh!) Anyway, no doubt this book is fairly old. It’s tattered and worn, but I love finding books like this (although my heart broke a little when I found the torn pages). However, despite my love for finding old books, I am a complete narc when it comes to looking after my new books.


  1. gd November 13, 2009

    hey just blogwalking. this is one great blog! i Follow you, pliz follow back, it'd be cool, c ya

  2. Irmina November 13, 2009

    I love your hat, it's great.
    Where you bought it.
    I read Truman Capote's Brakfast at Tiffani's and it was great.
    By coconuecesycanela

  3. beingdena November 13, 2009

    hi, just discovered your blog. I like it 🙂


  4. Madeline November 13, 2009

    old books are the best. soo much personality. torn pages, slightly depressing but it only means they were truly loved.

  5. hannah November 15, 2009

    he's so good. i love breakfast at tiffany's- it will make you denounce the film! i need to read the stories from a tree of night…

  6. Her name was Lola November 17, 2009

    Such literary goodness. What it comes to books, the more wear + tear + character, the better! I just can't seem to get behind the new Kindle craze {know what I mean?}


  7. Every Little Counts November 22, 2009

    i love old weathered books.


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