boat behind

Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month! We’re one month closer to the beginning of (a southern-hemisphere) summer. To celebrate this joyous occasion, I thought I’d share my song-of-the-moment with you all: Boat Behind by Kings of Convenience. I saw this on TV the other night, and I’ve had it stuck in my head ever since. I’m digging the laidback, summery vibe of the song. Plus the film clip is pretty cute, too. Nothing beats the quintessential summer road trip. Enjoy!


  1. danica November 1, 2009

    i adore kings of convenience. their latest album has been played a lot in my house over the past few weeks 🙂

    congrats too on finishing uni!

  2. Susanna-Cole November 1, 2009

    Oh, I always love new song suggestion! And this one is a gem! Love the music, and the video, so cute! <3


  3. soph (owl vs. dove) November 2, 2009

    danica: oh, I think I'll have to go out and get their album asap!

    susanna-cole: glad you like it!


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