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Lonely Hearts AW10 lookbook.
Click the link (below) to see more of the lookbook.
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We’re not even into Summer yet here, but the latest lookbook from NZ’s Lonely Hearts is making me wish for cooler temperatures so I can attempt some of the looks from this collection. I don’t know if it’s the the actual clothes, Zippora Seven’s ability to make everything look impossibly cool, the styling, or the photography (probably all of the above) but something about this lookbook/collection just grabbed my attention straight away. I’m really liking how this collection is a bit more preppy and less grunge than previous Lonely Hearts collections. It’s still got that element of grunge, but just a bit more tailored and refined. And finally, I”m pretty sure I need those polka dot pants.

Lonely Hearts website
Image source: pedestrian.tv


  1. FrouFrouu October 1, 2009

    Knits on knits on knits. Lovely.

  2. Miss Red October 2, 2009

    i love the knits! i need to get some great luxurious knits. and i love the model's attitude.

  3. Goodle. October 2, 2009

    I want the same thing as you.. to have the colder days to wear the new 'fall' trends! But Summer will just have to do !

    I dig Lonely Hearts collection.. very sweet beige pieces, and knits of course. they look wonderful!

    Goodle x

  4. danica October 4, 2009

    oooh, this collection looks wonderful. fantastic styling too. thanks for sharing 🙂


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