orange you glad?

In light of one of my previous posts (the one where I was basically whining about how I wish it was still Autum/Winter), I decided I’d snap a few good (orange) reasons as to why I love summer: fresh fruit, frosty fruits, and fruity scents. Actually, ck one summer isn’t really one of my favourite scents, I pretty much only included it because it was orange. Also, since when did frosty fruits come in tubes? And they’re a different flavour too. Hopefully it was just a case of my corner store running out of the normal, tropical flavoured, icy-pole style frosty fruits. Because a summer just isn’t the same without them.

P.S. The frosty fruits reference may be Australia-specific. I don’t know if they are sold anywhere else. If they are, please enlighten me.


  1. lisa + cathy October 7, 2009

    OH FROSTY FRUITS ARE YUMMMAYEEEE! they go out so fast @ the school canteen! And how could you love winter? its a horrible season apart from the nice fashion everything else sucks LOL i lurveeeee summer so much! might i have to test the new ck fragrance

  2. flair to remember October 8, 2009

    mmmm! frosty fruits & mango weis bars – summer essentials!!!


  3. mel October 10, 2009

    the photo is so cute!

  4. soph (owl vs. dove) October 13, 2009

    lisa + cathy: definitely snapped out of my pro-winter phase; had to keep reminding myself that I'm not really cut out for cold weather (even though I like rugging up in cute winter fashion is a major plus)

    flair – oh I had nearly forgotten about weis bars… instant craving!

    mel – thanks!


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