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Two posts featuring Zippora Seven in a row? Why not?

Hope everyone is having a fantastic start to the weekend. I went to a “Mexican Madness” themed housewarming last night, which was fun. Lots of tequila, Coronas, sombreros… and a lone pinata. But now I have to bring myself to do some assignment work. Oh well, thirteen more days and then I’ll never have to do another assignment ever again!

Jalouse (Sept 09)
Editorial: Back in town | Photography: Paul Schmidt | Styling: Anne Sophie Thomas
Image source: rox_yr_sox@tfs


  1. lisa + cathy October 17, 2009

    drinking, aye? tsk tsk. i kid, i kid these pictures are amazing

  2. yiqin; October 17, 2009

    Super rad photos <3

  3. soph (owl vs. dove) October 18, 2009

    lisa + cathy: responsibly, of course! haha

  4. UnoCosa October 22, 2009

    you know i always wanted to have messy hair but mine is so straight and it is almost impossible to do it without putting a lot products – therefore, i just love the hairs on those editorial shots! and good luck w/ the assignment! and cheers for "never again soon", xoxo

  5. LAA October 24, 2009

    love these! especailly that jacket! but overalls?! i might need a pair.

  6. Sofi October 25, 2009

    Love this editorial!!


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