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I went to get my Holga film developed the other day. Only I took the wrong film. Instead I ended up getting an old Supersampler film developed, which was a nice surprise. I initially thought that the film was ruined, because I was having issues removing it from the camera, and then accidentally opened the back while the film was still in. Anyway, it turns out only a few of the photos were damaged. So be prepared for an onlsaught of Supersampler photos. I still have to get my Holga flm developed, but might just leave it for when I get my Diana film developed too (I have to finish the roll I have in now + the roll I’m taking to Parklife). So there will be a surplus of Lomo photos over the next couple of weeks. Hope you all enjoy!

(Jamie T last night was fantastic. Crowd was so energetic and the atmosphere was insane. Sometimes gigs are a bit lame when everyone just stands there with their arms folded, but last night everyone was dancing and it was just a good gig to be at. That said, the end of the night was a bit of a downer when a guy jumped on stage, dived off to avoid security, and in the process knocked two girls down to the ground. One of them looked like she hit her head on the ground pretty badly and might have had a concussion. I hope she’s alright. But the jerk of a guy just got up, walked off and didn’t even acknowledge them or say sorry. People like that make me angry. I don’t care if you do something stupid and hurt yourself, but when you ruin someone else’s night then that’s just not cool. Anyway, will end my rant there. Bar the last five minutes, it was still a top gig!)

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  1. Lucille Ball September 24, 2009

    Gorgeous blog. I stumbled across it last week and adore it!

    It seems there is always one silly person at every gig. Thank goodness there is only usually one or a few!



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