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I’ve been patiently waiting (and stalking tfs forums) for scans of the latest Lula mag to surface. These are my favourites from the “What’s This Magical” editorial. Now, the title of the editorial irks me, because I’m pretty sure it’s grammatically incorrect (however, if it is correct, and I’m just dumb, please let me know so I can be put at ease). Anyway, I’ll look past that and focus on the loveliness that is these images. The first one is my favourite, mainly because of the Mickey/Minnie Mouse ears.

Lula (Fall Winter 09/10)
Editorial: What’s This Magical | Photographer: Catherine Servel | Styling: Leith Clark
Image source: glósóli@tfs


  1. Lilee September 27, 2009


  2. lisa + cathy September 27, 2009

    what is lula? i want a lula magazine so bad! their collections was so cute with the bows and bold skirts

  3. B.P Prince September 27, 2009

    thanks for putting these up, I bought the magazine a week ago and these are by far my favorite, especially the mickey mouse ears one and the d and g dress, you have good taste xx

  4. an92 September 28, 2009

    Wow those scans are amazing! *saves*

  5. soph (owl vs. dove) September 29, 2009

    lisa + cathy: Lula is an English (?) mag. I want to try and get my hands on a copy buy am afraid how much it will end up costing what with import costs and everything. Eep!

    B.P: Thanks! That D&G dress is amazing!

    an92: haha nice hustle!

  6. Tala October 20, 2009

    Yes !! How amazing !! We posted the Spell short film with Topshop here:


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