i’m officially off the rails

Pencil on paper, digital colouring

Sketched this while watching an episode of Skins the other night (Season 3 – the Tomas episode, still my favourite of the season). It’s only just started showing in Australia, but I’ve seen all of the episodes already so it’s technically repeats for me. Anyway, I scanned in the illustration and did a little bit of colouring in trusty Photoshop. I really should get an illustration program or something. If you recognise the image it’s because I used the Ali Stephen’s editorial in the latest Russh mag for inspiration. This particular image was black and white in the editorial, but I couldn’t help myself in adding the bright orangey-red lips.


  1. Girl With One Eye September 16, 2009


  2. Zoë September 17, 2009

    Thank you girl! I hesitated at first to, but once you cut them once you can't stop 😉

    This sketch is truly amazing! Looking forward to see more of them ^^

  3. beckyxoxo September 17, 2009

    beautiful sketch dear ! love this ! 😀

  4. UnoCosa September 17, 2009

    oh! how i loved to see the creative drawing on blogs … yes, if you can, get illustrator as well – it compliment PS – i use both all the time – and depending on the project, one application weights more than the other at certain given moment!


  5. Miss Red September 18, 2009

    love it! gorgeous lip color. I wish i could pull off orange lips.

  6. Taru Tuomi September 18, 2009


  7. Adela September 18, 2009

    great drawing!



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