eat cake

Craving cake. But there’s no cake in the house. And I’m too lazy to go on a cake baking spree. So I’ll have to satisfy my cravings by just looking at photos of cake. Sigh. These photos are from last year, but I thought I’d share them and all their cake-y goodness. I attended two 21sts in one night (but technically it was three 21sts, because the first one was a joint one for twins, but this might be getting too off topic). Anyway, although both parties were fantastic, it kind of sucked because I felt so rude leaving one early and then rocking up at the other late (just in time for speeches and cake too, how’s that for timing?). To this day, I wish I had had a body double (or one of those time machine things Hermione had in Harry Potter) so I could have attended both parties for their entirety. Oh, the pitfalls of having an active social life. But at least I got cake.


  1. cody September 2, 2009

    yummy! lovely blog.
    xx cody

  2. Eri September 2, 2009


    I just came across your blog and really enjoyed!

    Please come and visit me too. My fashion blog is inspired by Portobello Road, London.

    See you soon.

  3. Raez September 3, 2009

    ah, i love cake! that hello kitty one is faaaaaaab!

    xx raez


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