bang bang anglo saxons at the disco

Going to see Jamie T tonight. Last time I saw him live (Panic Prevention tour) it was just insane. Can’t wait! I wanted to post the Chaka Demus music video but the embedding thing was disabled. Thanks a lot EMI Music. So instead you get the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge version.


  1. beckyxoxo September 23, 2009

    i don't know who he is . but he has a great voice 🙂

  2. loft in soho September 23, 2009



  3. danica September 24, 2009

    he's looking pretty darn fine now that he's grown up a bit. i really love his first album, but haven't listened to his latest yet.

  4. soph (owl vs. dove) September 24, 2009

    danica – the latest one is pretty good, although I still prefer the first. He didn't play many songs off Panic Prevention but I'm guessing it's because he's touring his new album etc. Hopefully when I catch him for Sunset Sounds early next year it'll be a more rounded set (mainly I want to hear Operation! haha).


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