Haigh’s chocolate covered apricot things = omfg love my life

I’ve been busy doing assignments for the past couple of days (with the 21st on the weekend and Sunday breakfast with the girls providing a nice distraction), and will continue to be busy another assignment until at least Thursday. So I might be a bit slack in the blogging and commenting department. I spend so much time on the computer doing assignments that in my free time I want to spend as little time as possible on the thing. Which is kind of detrimental to being a good blogger. Hopefully I’ll have this current assignment done by Wednesday so I can be all relaxed for the Jamie T gig on Wednesday night (I spent the better part of my Saturday night thinking about how to conclude my other assignment – lame!) And then I have Parklife on Saturday, which will be a great way to start the mid-semester break. Can’t wait!

ETA – Tomorrow I’m finally going to get my Holga film developed. I’ve had it waiting for about… I don’t know… too long, really. So be sure to check back for some super photo posts. If the photos turn out well, that is. Haha.


  1. flair to remember September 21, 2009

    you don't know how bad I want to try one of those things!! who knew there was a step up from coconut covered apricot?! mmmmmm!!

    ps: goodluck with all the assignments!!


  2. Helena September 21, 2009

    oh wow they just look mouth watering
    and now i'm craving chocolate



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