tell me about it, stud

I know studs have been done to death, but after seeing these Converse Chuck Taylors over at, I think I might go about studding my own pair. I have an old blue pair that have pretty much had their day (one too many music festivals, they’ve even been dropped in chlorine) but I think adding a few studs might give them a new lease on life. Or cover the bleached spots from the chlorine, at least. I’ll probably also cover the whole panel, like the ones below. The major decision, however, is whether to go for gold or silver studs. Thoughts?

I also came across these shredded Chucks, below. Now, while I get the idea behind the look (the whole cut-out, lace-up trend a la Demeulemeester), I’m still left wondering “but whyyyyyy?”

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  1. HannahandSophie August 11, 2009

    id go silver studs! 🙂

  2. Somewhere Here August 12, 2009

    love the studs…hate the shredding…. eeew

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  3. Style & Beyond August 14, 2009

    weird 3rd pair LOL thanks for sharing though – didn't such a thing exist!!



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