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At the beginning of the month I posted some images from an editorial that Camilla Akrans shot for US Harper’s Bazaar. The main gist of the post was blah blah love her work blah. The images above are from the September issue of US Harper’s Bazaar. Fairly similar to last month’s but the colours here are more saturated and instead of an expanse of desert in the background, we’ve got an inner-city jungle. I’m mesmerised by the rich, deep blue colour of the sky. I could stare at it for ages (although, this might just suggest my high tolerance for boredom). However, as good as the photography may be, that Louis Vuitton rabbit ear plus coat get-up is still heinous. Well, mainly the coat. But that’s just my opinion.

ETA: I just realised that I have a skirt similar to the black and white leopard print one in the second photo. It’s one of the numerous 80s throwbacks I’ve pinched from my mum’s wardrobe. I think I started alterations on it, but never finished. Hmmm, now to find where it’s gotten to!

Image credit: luxx@tfs


  1. Kathy August 21, 2009

    great edito!

  2. Girl With One Eye August 21, 2009

    I love the little black dress with the pointed shoulder…

    I also see The Horrors and Friendly Fires albums as i'm typing this, two of my favourite albums of 09.


  3. Maverick Malone August 21, 2009

    This is a great ed! I love those bunny ears so much…I WANT some!!

  4. Claire August 21, 2009

    the colours really stand out, i know what you mean.
    i got my subjects so i'm super happy! just have to pick electives!

    i've tagged your blog on my latest post. loadsa love.

  5. YoQueSe August 21, 2009

    stunning ed! love it


  6. Nubia August 22, 2009

    great editorial, Big shoulders and bunny ears, Love it

  7. Panda August 22, 2009

    Great shoot, i love the Big shouldered lepord print dress (I think it's Prada…) So effing cool! It's been fetured in, like, every magazine i've bought in the last month. Wow. :]

    Panda xx

  8. Natalie August 22, 2009

    omg i love last pic… the bubble dress with the pink bunny ears look so cute yet chic all a the same time!
    nice post,



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