it came in the mail: russh #30

Got the latest issue of Russh today. Had a quick flick through and it looks like a corker of an issue. While everyone seems to be going crazy for the Ali Stephens editorial, my favourite has to be Badlands editorial, inspired by the 1973 Terrence Malick film of the same name. I scanned in most of the editorial, and will share some of my favourite images from it soon. It took me so long – I wanted to give up after about three pages – but I perservered and scanned the lot (bar two pages). I think that’s my magazine scanning stint done.

I’m also in the early stages of setting up an Etsy store, selling some of those frill capelets that I made a while back. I’ve had a fair bit of interest, so I thought I’d make a batch and see how I go. I’m starting with just plain satin type ones for now. I was keen to make some lace ones, but I couldn’t get my hands on any nice black lace. Anyway, if I’m absent from blogging, it’s probably because I’m sewing up a storm.


  1. June Paski August 26, 2009

    i want read this magazine,very difficult to get it inmy country >.<


  2. morningelectric August 29, 2009

    i bought my copy just in time for the weekend x


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