I’ve tried to do the whole ‘wearing hats as part of my everyday look’ thing (remember this post at the beginning of the year?), but it’s just not working for me. If anyone would like to tell me what the secret to wearing hats is, it would be much appreciated.

Ponytail #3
Editorial: Candy Girl | Photographer: Tara Darby | Styling: Susie Lloyds
Imade credit: fashion copius


  1. xs August 5, 2009

    i want all those hats!

  2. Belen Vazquez Amaro August 5, 2009

    Nice blog!

  3. chicknamedhermia August 5, 2009

    I haven't a clue ….my head is a weird shape so hats just don't work …or fit. Altho beanies are working for me right now ….well at least I THINK they are, lol!

  4. LAA August 5, 2009

    I've been dieing to buy the perfect floppy hat but havn't found any yet, love these images.

  5. Sara August 6, 2009

    I have also tried, never seems to work! but hey, I got a haircut!

  6. soph (owl vs. dove) August 6, 2009

    xs – I think you would rock each and every one of those hats (the last one especially!)

    Belen Vazquez Amaro – thanks for visiting!

    hermia – I think I might also suffer from having a weird shaped head. Beanies only work on me if they're baggy/oversized. Otherwise they just accentuate the weird shape even more haha.

    LAA – Same! I thought I had found the perfect floppy hat last summer, but it turned out it wasn't so perfect after all. Sigh.

    Sara – Nice! Who needs a hat when you have a spankin new hair cut to show off!

  7. Mademoiselle Frou-Frou August 8, 2009

    i love the hats – especially the last one! have you seen that type of hat in the current Juicy ads?

  8. Coco August 17, 2009

    I find that sometimes outfits are incomplete without a hat. For me, hats just add that pop to an outfit without looking like you tried to hard. They're so under-rated!


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