Give me $30 and I’ll most likely spend it on stuff like this: magazines, art supplies and at least one necessity. In this instance the ‘neccesity’ was $10 credit for my go card, but any other day and it’s usually food. I finally got around to purchasing the latest issue of Frankie (fantastic, as always) and some cheap watercolour paints to play around with. I could have ended up spending a lot more because I made the mistake of going to Borders for my magazine fix. I think I picked up about seven different publications (Interview, Yen, Oyster, and an assortment of art and culture magazines I had never heard of) before common sense prevailed and I realised that I would end up suffering from an extreme case of buyers remorse if I bought $100 worth of magazines.


  1. muchlove August 6, 2009

    I love Frankie. hmm, I've been wanting to play around with watercolour too. How much is a cheap set, anyway?

  2. soph (owl vs. dove) August 6, 2009

    muchlove – a cheap set will set you back around $10-15. I nearly had a heart attack when I found myself in the expensive section ($80 for a set of four colours!)

  3. chicknamedhermia August 6, 2009

    Oh God, I get so carried away in bookstores and sense never prevails until I've already bought all the stuff. And there's this awful place in Dublin called Easons that has massive collections of magazines, is a bookstore AND does stationary and art supplies ….I can't go in ….ever …lol!

  4. LAA August 6, 2009

    magazines get so expensive so quickly can't they? I've been dieing to play around with watercolour I just havn't gotten around to it.. maybe ill take a class in the fall.

  5. soph (owl vs. dove) August 11, 2009

    chicknamedhermia – That store sounds AMAZING. Like the stuff dreams are made of!

    LAA – Definitely, especially all the imported magazines! I'm hoping I just get the hang of watercolours quickly… a class probably would help though haha


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