what a hoot

Yesterday I met up with a couple of the girls for coffee and catch ups. One of my besties recently arrived back from a trip to Japan (jealous!) and she came back bearing gifts. Not just any gifts – quirky, cute, Japanese gifts. Which brings me to this little owl family. She brought back a bunch of these beanie owl keyring things for each of us. I adopted the sleepy green one on the right. I’ve still yet to name it. One of my friends has already named hers Hootie (not pictured). Get it, because it’s an owl? Oh we’re a funny bunch *cough*. In addition to my little pet owl, I also received some belated birthday presents straight from the streets of Harajuku (a cute scarf and a little umbrella with a monkey face on the handle haha).

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  1. whensdinner July 2, 2009

    SO JEALOUS! I love these!


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