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Books that I should probably have already read by now, but haven’t. I ordered these off Book Depository the other week and they recently arrived in the mail. If I had waited a few days longer I would have discovered a discount code. Not that it matters much – these were only a little over £2 each.


  1. LAA July 19, 2009

    classics indeed.. ive been meaning to read the great gatsby for sometime now but i manage to forget that whenever i go to the book store (always distracted by the rack of magazines). thanks for the comments by the way!

  2. queen atika July 19, 2009

    what are these books about? (:

  3. steph July 19, 2009

    ive read the great gatsby, & the picture of dorian gray (really loved that), but not the age of innocence.. ive heard its good though:) im trying to get through all the classics atm (disadvantage being that once you start you realise how many there are). but theyre all good:) i have that exact copy of the great gatsby too:)

  4. chicknamedhermia July 20, 2009

    The Great Gatsby is a good read but do be prepared that it's overrated!

  5. soph (owl vs. dove) July 21, 2009

    LAA – same, have a never ending list of books I want to read but there's always a distraction haha

    queen atika – Haven't read them yet so can't really answer. I only have a vague idea what they're about. The books are all set between the late 1800s and 1920s and I'm assuming they focus on society life, relationships, the human condition etc.

    steph – Yep, my aim is to get through all the Penguin classics. And then those "Top 100" book lists. But maybe without all the Dan Brown books haha

    Hermia – Thanks for the heads up! I was actually kind of surprised at how thin the book was when I got it. I haven't even read it yet and my expectations have already slightly lowered haha


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