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Sometimes when I’m stuck in traffic, or I when I’m having one of those weeks where I spend too much time driving my car, I wish I could just cycle everywhere. There’s the issue of my carbon footprint and the impact on the environment (also known as my guilty conscience), but sometimes spending too much time in my car makes me feel incredibly claustrophobic, not to mention lazy. But first, before I become a cycling fiend, many things would have to change. I would a) have to find a new bicycle (the one I have now is from when I was about 12 and it’s way too small for me; b) be less of a wuss when it comes to riding bikes on the road and; c) need to live somewhere where there are plenty of bike paths (that actually lead somewhere) and no dangerous roads. Unfortunately, because of (c) I doubt I’ll be cycling anytime soon. Well, only at the gym. Sigh.

Image credit:
Tank Magazine
Editorial: Masha’s World | Photographer: Julia Kennedy | Styling: Pandora Lennard
(Does the first photo remind anyone else of Wednesday Addams/Christina Ricci?)
source: fashiongonerogue


  1. HannahandSophie July 8, 2009

    haha and issue D) hat hair.
    Im such a wuss at bike riding also, i never understand those people who have no problem weaving between fast paced city traffic. I get scared in a car in adelaide !

  2. Sushi July 8, 2009

    Love the first photo x Sushi

  3. kiss me quick July 8, 2009

    I've though of that myself but my way home is almost impossible to follow on bike. If I did so I would lose a lot of pounds just with the exercise from the torturous road ^^

    But I wish I could do it, not just for the environment. It looks pretty bohemian and romantic.

  4. soph (owl vs. dove) July 9, 2009

    Hannah&Soph – How could I forget hat hair! I'm always amazed at cyclists on busy roads. I always get scared for them/wince every time I drive past one

    kiss me quick – I know, especially all those Sartorialist photos of girls looking effortlessly chic riding their bicycles. Makes me so damn freakin' jealous haha


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