think pink

(the average age of our “pink pensioner” table lol)

Some pics from last night, with a little help from Poladroid. Lots of fun. Hardly any trivia answered. Too much sugar consumed (sugar headache + mild hangover does not make for a fun Sunday). Too much daggy dancing. No pensioners offended (they all loved us). Success!


  1. emily July 26, 2009

    aw, you look cute! looks like you had fun! 🙂

  2. HannahandSophie July 26, 2009

    wow all that food looks amazing!! and you look so cute ! glad you had fun x

  3. HannahandSophie July 26, 2009

    (this is Sophie, leaving a personal comment)
    you look so cute! such a great idea! it must be the night of quiz nights, my parent's came 2nd to last.. the claimed the questions were too hard (i believe otherwise!)
    hope you had fun!

  4. alissa August 6, 2009

    looks like so much fun! with the tea and treats it reminds me of 'very merry un-birthday to you' from alice in wonderland


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