tartan around

I actually did the sketch for this a couple of months ago, but only got around to pimping it out last weekend.

Went to see Coco Avant Chanel last night. I definitely recommend it. The perfect movie for a girls night. The cinematography in some of the scenes was just beautiful. After reading reviews and other people’s accounts, I was prepared for the lack of Chanel clothing porn, but some of the costumes were still pretty fabulous. I couldn’t help but smile during the scenes where Coco picks up all her inspirations. I now have the urge to clean out my wardrobe and fill it with black (black, and more black), stripes, bowler hats, straw hats, tweed jackets and man-style trousers.


  1. HannahandSophie July 12, 2009

    i really like your sketch, her eyelashes and hair are my favorites! your definitely improving your graphics tablet skills! im so jealous, if only i had all the money in the world i too would own one! xx

  2. chicknamedhermia July 13, 2009

    That's really good! I really want a big woolen tartan lumberjack-esq coat for the winter!

  3. sharpie July 14, 2009

    I love your blog! Your posts are really creative and edgy. if you want to take a look at my fashion blog it's:

    love it!

  4. soph (owl vs. dove) July 14, 2009

    thanks for the lovely comments!

    hermia – I'm on the hunt for one too, a red one in particular, but I'm too picky. It's either not the right style, or it's the wrong kind of red, or the wrong combination of colours… haha. By the time I decide, winter will probably be over!

    sharpie – welcome, and thanks for visiting my blog. Will def be checking out yours!


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