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Lara Stone as Brigitte Bardot?

Not much to say today, other than Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. I’m going to see Coco Avant Chanel on Saturday, can’t wait. Going to this Italian place with the girls for dinner (carbs! yummm!), then the movie and possibly drinks and dancing afterward. Pretty much my ideal night haha.

Image credit:
W (August 2009)
Editorial: Fashion’s It Girl | Photographer: Steven Klein | Stylist: Alex White
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  1. chicknamedhermia July 10, 2009

    I just can't see the attraction of Lara Stone …she's kinda scary and severe and masculine looking, and I don't think I've liked any of the pictures I've seen her in! I don't even think she's a particularly good model!
    Now I'm not saying that all models need to be beautiful and feminine, but I just don't think she sells her pictures at all!

  2. FrouFrouu July 10, 2009

    Not a fan of Lara, but teh Bardot-ness definitely brings out the best in her.

    – nadia

  3. an92 July 10, 2009

    I am dying to see Coco Avant Chanel! And I love italian food 😀 Hope you have fun!

  4. Micaela July 11, 2009

    I want to see Coco Avant Chanel so bad! Unfortunately, it doesn't come out until September in the states.
    Have fun and tell us all about (without spoiling it too!)


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