Waking up late on Sundays = BRUNCH! Found these things called “bruschettinis”. Umm… ok? So it’s basically just sliced bread but more expensive and in fancy packaging? Meh, I’m a sucker for a gimmick. Anyway, popped them in the toaster; chopped up some tomato, onion and parsley; added some cracked pepper and a splash of balsamic vinaigrette; and voila! Bruschetta for brunch! Minimum time, maximum taste. Just the way I like it. I’m one for the philosophy that if it takes more than half-an-hour-ish to make/cook, it’s not worth it (which is why I detest cooking dinner). I think I inherited that from my dad. My mum is one of those people who will happily (or not-so-happily, but will do it nonetheless) slave away for hours making a roast in the middle of summer, when in reality a nice cold salad and BBQ will suffice. However, there is one exception to this half hour rule and that is baking. My (incredibly huge) sweet tooth overrides my impatience, any day.


  1. 360DegreeSneezeGuard July 5, 2009

    Those look absolutely delicious!

  2. taigalikesyou July 5, 2009

    I'm reeeeeeally hungry now.

  3. HannahandSophie July 5, 2009


    make my lunch for tomorrow?! 🙂
    best. food. ever.!

  4. Kathleen July 5, 2009

    Bruschetta! Yum!

  5. chicknamedhermia July 6, 2009

    I ADORE bruschetta!!!!!!!!!!!


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